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Are you tired of ordering gray and boring packaging for your products? At Packhelp, you will design and order custom boxes and packaging that will stand out from your competition.

Custom boxes and packaging

You can design and order custom boxes yourself. We, as a company specialized in the production of custom boxes and packaging, approach every customer individually, especially when it comes to the price and quantity of the ordered boxes. Anyone can design custom boxes in the app that is available on our website. Anyone can create custom boxes and packages tailored to their needs. You can design a specific size for your custom box, and we finish the product with the precision of a Swiss watch. You can also add your own print or enriching finish to your order to make your box stand out from the bunch.

To design your perfect custom box, you can use the inspirations section where we put the ideas of our regular customers. There you will be able to see how the boxes are the perfect match for the products of the company. Maybe you will find something for yourself. Looking at this the other way around, we could say that custom boxes and packaging are our speciality. We are open to customers needs, which is why we like to help them create their own custom boxes. Every time the final effect is an original custom box and packaging, which greatly influence the products that are being sold in them. Sometimes custom boxes require an individual approach, and we are able to respond with custom solutions. We offer custom product boxes, mailer boxes, as well as custom shipping boxes.

Custom boxes – online app

Packhelp, as a company specialized in the production of custom boxes and packaging, is committed to taking into account every customer’s idea and the problems associated with it. We try to help and solve them. That is why on our platform we have provided a multi-media app to design and order custom boxes at a minimum quantity of 30 units. In the wizard, you will be able to design products such as a custom product box with a lid that will be perfect for packaging your gift or will be an elegant packaging for your store shelves. The 3D visualization and preview of the custom box, as well as the easy ordering process and the favourable prices, make your box and us, as a company, become quite distinctly innovative.

The future of custom boxes

Custom boxes and packaging are an interesting solution for packaging products. Their future won’t be disturbed in any way, and the demand for custom boxes will only increase on a yearly basis. An interesting solution that can also be used as an unusual packaging of a gift for a close person.



Think outside the box! Our online web-app makes it super easy for anyone to design and order custom-branded packaging.

product box

Introducing Product Boxes!

We’re introducing Product Boxes! Available in a classic or two piece version, they fit perfectly on a store shelf and can be used as gift boxes.


Choose your packaging!

Compare our products and pick the best solution for you.


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