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There are more and more on-line shops with a truly unique range of products that really stand out. It’s not just about the variety of cuts in the clothing industry.

Non-standard ceramics, handmade jewellery, or made-to-order wooden items are becoming real crowd pleasers nowadays. Any such customized project has to be delivered in a proper way. In such shops, custom boxes for shipping are part of standard offer. In most cases, shop owners make them themselves. As a result, they don’t have to outsource this particular task, which automatically reduces the order lead time.

How to make custom boxes for shipping?

As already mentioned, custom boxes for shipping are typically made by shop owners. This may be more cost effective and quicker. However, in order to make cardboard boxes even for orders placed at your own company, you need to follow a few basic rules. This may seem trivial, but the devil is in the detail.

If you need to pack the product in a cardboard box, you have to draw the right template, carefully glue it together, and then secure it. Each cardboard box wall must be sturdily connected. The bottom must also be reinforced. The entire well-secured box should undergo some sort of strength test in terms of the weight of the target contents. What is distinctive of custom boxes for shipping is the fact that the order execution time is non-standard too – it may be different for each order.

For whom?

Custom boxes for shipping can be used by large companies and individuals. Although the easiest way to make this type of packaging is by yourself, large order numbers often make it infeasible. If this is the case, either a special department/team responsible for non-standard packaging is created, or this type of task is outsourced. Even though it generates additional costs, it is often the only solution.

There isn’t one specific segment where custom boxes for shipping are applicable. As mentioned above, they can be used by large companies but also private individuals, although the ways in which they are made and secured might vary. A tailored-made project can be executed single-handedly or by a company like ours.

You can also order custom boxes for shipping through our online app, which will save your time and money. We guarantee the highest quality of packaging and fast delivery time.



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