Which variant of Mailer Boxes fits my product?

All of our mailer boxes are made of cardboard. This means that the choice depends mostly on your vision of the packaging. Here are some tips:

  • Eco boxes are the most “raw” variant in our range. They include a black imprint, but we strongly suggest to include only small graphics. Eco Mailer Boxes are perfect for minimalist brands, as well as emphasizing eco-friendly conduct. They are also our cheapest product – in the case your business is only starting, a small order of Eco Mailer Boxes is the perfect solution.
  • Eco White is similar to Eco, but the cardboard is whitened. Eco White looks more elegant, and a more spacious black imprint will look amazing. The orders of Eco White range from very artsy to minimalist – it’s for brands with a bold style of communication.
  • Eco Color is where the raw cardboard and the full CMYK palette meet. The colorful imprint is performed on a whitened cardboard. Eco Color will not give you the most saturated imprint, but instead – it imbues the packaging with an interesting shade.
  • Full Color is our premium solution. This variant of Mailer Boxes includes a thicker wall, while the imprint is performed on a white layer. Full Color Mailer Boxes are also available with various finish options – matt and glossy foil and white inside. These boxes are perfect for upscale brands.