Fable Home


Fables and stories have always been a humane way to connect, and if they are accompanied by a good meal, the experience is more than complete.

This spirit of union, warmth and connection is what Fable Home wants to bring to the tables of today's public. An experience that, otherwise, could be cold, generic and devoid of tradition.

Tableware: a millionaire sector

The tableware industry is worth $ 27 billion a year, but until now there has been no brand focused on the millennial public.

Tina realized this fact when she tried to give her mother a set of dishes.

She couldn't find a nice set at an affordable price. She discussed it with some friends and several had experienced the same situation. Despite it being a massive industry, a few modern options are available.

fable home products

It was then that the Fable Home team got to work and designed their first tableware offering focused on the millennial public.

And they had immediate success.

After an initial survey among potential customers, they realized that the public wanted dishes with simple designs and manufactured with ethical processes.

Therefore, Joe flew to Portugal in the summer and sought partners who would work with porcelain that also aligned with their principles.

On his part, Max developed the marketing strategy and the customer's shopping experience.

founders of fable home

In November they made the first launch and in two weeks they sold out the stock they had planned for a whole year.

They moved to pre-orders, and four weeks later they ran out of stock again.

Despite having few resources, the company knew how to open a gap in the market and meet real consumer demand. 

Fable Home has been accepted into the business accelerator, Techstars in Toronto. This will help them continue to scale with their business.

A multidisciplinary human team

All team members have experience in the technology sector, a little off the table and food.

Both Joe and Max have scaled teams at various startups in the Vancouver tech community, and Tina has been a web developer for 7 years.

However, they all share an immense passion for gastronomy, and they love to host and make their guests feel at home.

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In short, they like that people can gather around a table with good wine, food and share beautiful stories.

"Fable Home is more than tableware, it is sharing. She is the hostess who welcomes you when you arrive at a party and, without dominating the conversation, makes sure that everything flows and that diners are comfortable during the meeting It is an elegant, but not pretentious, brand. Generosity and attention are two key aspects of reaching the public, regardless of time and place. Good manners are timeless".

They always work with Portuguese artisans that follow sustainable processes and implement ethical working.

They also try to manufacture in small batches. This way, the quality of the materials takes precedence over the quantity of stock produced.

"We are transparent about the price of our products, and we talk openly about the partners we work with and about the environmental impact of our brand on the planet."

By working directly with Portuguese manufacturers, Fable Home eliminates intermediaries and offers a high-quality product at an affordable price.

white on kraft mailer boxes from packhelp for fable home

When it comes packaging, they opted for White-on-Kraft Mailer Boxes with internal padding and a personalized sticker. If the client requests several products, an insert and shredded wood are included to protect the items inside.

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