Packhelp Pro

Packaging tailored to your needs

Packhelp Pro is a solution designed for custom and wholesale orders. Fill in our form and tell us what you need.
  • Consult your needs with our R&D specialist, who will help you choose the best solution
  • A wide range of materials and printing variants beyond the standard offer of Packhelp
  • Custom orders and big quantities over 2500 pieces
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Many possibilities

Wholesale orders

Wholesale orders

Request a quotation for our standard boxes over 2500 pieces.

Packaging with imprint

Custom designs

Describe your vision of the packaging you need and we will present you with our available solutions.



Choose the type of paper, its grammage, colour and add a matt or glossy finish standard.

PANTONE colours

Choose colour

Choose your favourite colour from CMYK and PANTONE spaces.



Give your packaging a stunning look - choose one of our many add-ons.

fillers for boxes


Establish order in your packaging - use tailored-made pads, cushions and other fillers.



Decide which colour to choose by comparing sample prints from our available printing standards.



Receive your boxes already assembled and ready for mailing to your customers.


It is a process of pressing a material with a die. This raises the pattern to achieve a special 3D design.


A magnet closing with a bow

Boxes with an easy closing mechanism that uses a magnet placed in the lid. You can also add a bow for an elegant look.

boxes with a magnet closing

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is also called hot-print and thermo printing. This technique adds gold and silver plating in a pattern.

hot stamping

Imprint on metallised cardboard

The most elegant wrapping paper, available in pastel and lively, intense colours. Glossy, opalescent and metallic - a unique choice.

metalissed cardboard

Sliding boxes

Boxes with an extendable element. Perfect to exhibit a premium product, gift voucher or a bank card.

extendable boxes

Custom shapes

You dream of a box in a completely unprecedented shape? Describe it to us and we will realise even the most difficult project.

custom boxes for order