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Gain control of your packaging supply chain

Move your entire packaging supply chain to Packhelp Pro and centralise your operations. It's time for the new normal.

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The modern way to manage packaging

Simplify your packaging supply chain by streamlining all of your packaging workflows through a single platform.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager

Packaging Supplier

Packaging Supplier

Packaging Supplier


Have a bird’s eye view of all your operations. Derisk your business by having a single source of truth and spot problems early.


Track, measure and compare each part of your centralised packaging supply chain. Make informed decisions and cut packaging costs.


Automate tasks, optimise processes and streamline communication. Spend less time managing production and more time innovating.

Run thousands of orders without a hassle

Complete software stack that will help you manage your packaging operations and relationships with suppliers.

Manage all of your packaging items in one place

It takes minutes to upload all your items onto our system. Centralise and standardise the format of all your items and have them immediately available whenever you need them.

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Order in seconds with just a couple of clicks

Ordering packaging from your suppliers has never been this easy. Automatically issue purchase orders for items in your library whenever you need to.

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Track your orders at each step of the way

Receive updates about the status of your order. Check your dashboards and save time on multiple back and forths with your suppliers.

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Connect your entire software suite

Packhelp Pro's flexible design will allow you to quickly integrate with your existing software stack, guaranteeing smooth data consistency across all systems.

Boost your packaging with our team of dedicated experts

Get expert advice from industry veterans when you need it. Whether it is procurement, construction, design, sustainability or warehousing, we will strip packaging from complexities and provide the necessary expertise to help you reach your most ambitious packaging goals.

Product Matching

Kate has over 10 years of experience in the field of packaging production. She will help you with:

Choosing specific materials for your products

Sourcing the most suitable packaging for heavier items

Finding the best sustainable packaging materials

Kate Popińska

Packaging engineer & Head of Plus Production Operations, 10+ years of experience

Account Management

Adam leads our team of account managers. He will help you with:

Finding the most cost-effective printing technologies for your design

Analysing prints of multi-colour artworks on cardboard

Exploring different printing techniques

Adam Flasiński

Head of Account Management

Supply Chain

Arthur is our packaging guru with 20+ years of experience. Arthur will help you with:

Optimising your logistics and finding savings in packaging design

Defining key areas of improvement in existing packaging solutions

Managing more complex packaging portfolios

Arthur Oboleński

Packaging engineer & Head of Packhelp Lab, 20+ years of experience

Hire our experts

Kate Popińska

Packaging engineer & Head of Plus Production Operations, 10+ years of experience

Adam Flasiński

Head of Account Management

Arthur Oboleński

Packaging engineer & Head of Packhelp Lab, 20+ years of experience

Global network of packaging suppliers at your fingertips

Looking to expand your packaging supply chain? With Packhelp Pro we make it easy to quote with and get introduced to thousands of suppliers.
Find suppliers with us

Single source of truth for your packaging supply chain

Upgrade your production process to Packhelp Pro and capture the roaring 20s.

Production planning

Centralise operations for fewer delays, late orders and costly changes

SKU management

Save time, avoid mistakes and never run out of stock

Order management

Faster, simplified and automated ordering process


Streamline communication, foster collaboration and drive innovation

Supplier management

View, understand and optimise supplier relationships

Packaging expertise

Procurement, construction, design, sustainability or warehousing

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