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Sourcing Packaging Production

Get the right quote for your packaging supplies, as to help, not hinder your business operations.

Global supplier network of over 1000 vetted packaging production partners
Receive several quotes in as little as 72 hours of submitting your RFQ
Plan your operations accordingly with reliable logistics
Source better packaging
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Full Transparency

Utilise a point-by-point breakdown and explanation of the costs of your packaging supplies

See your wholesale packaging costs directly from the manufacturer
Manufacturers bid for your project, with each bid being broken down for easier evaluation
Know exactly how much Packhelp makes from your order
Optimize your costs
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Simplified Packaging Procurement

Use the Packhelp Pro Platform to get a complete overview of your packaging supply procurement process

Keep track of all your packaging products and past orders to expedite the reordering process
From placing the order to delivery, track each stage and know when your packaging supplies will arrive
value engineered packaging
Store all your packaging designs and artwork in one place to easily reorder and engineer your packaging
Optimize your packaging
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Our commitment to sustainability

Use a better wholesale packaging supplier that complements your brand’s sustainability values. Know the raw materials your packaging supplies are made of, how far they travel to get to you, and other environmental factors.


Reliable wholesale packaging supplies are the cornerstone of a robust and optimised supply chain. Packhelp's network of manufacturers helps you get not only the best pricing but the best packaging supplies for the money. Our network of over 1000 vetted wholesale packaging manufacturers gives you several quotes for your job in as little as 72 hours of submitting your RFQ. You'll not only get competitive pricing but a clear idea of turnaround times. Clear and transparent logistics like this mean that you can plan your operations accordingly, and know when your packaging supplies will arrive.


Packhelp's intuitive system gives you a point-by-point breakdown of your packaging costs in order to compare apples to apples. With Packhelp, every quote you see is complete end-to-end procurement, including shipping costs, taxes, fees, manufacturing and transport costs. This means that no matter where your packaging manufacturer is in the world, you know exactly what you're paying for the complete job, and you know where every cent is going. Your quoted prices come directly from the manufacturer, which each manufacturer's bid and price for your project broken down into easy-to-evaluate sections. Packhelp's profit is clear, so you can be sure that you can be sure exactly where your money is going.


Packhelp Pro gives you a total overview of your packaging procurement process, enabling you to make data-backed decisions to keep your packaging supply chain operating as best it can. Easily browse, review and edit past order to speed-up the reordering process, or automate future orders altogether. Compare all your quotes in one place so make the most informed decision, and follow the production and delivery process of your wholesale packaging from start to finish. With a clear and reliable date that your packaging supplies will arrive, you can plan your operations accordingly in order to keep operating efficiently and keep other stakeholders happy.


Using Packhelp, you'll find it quicker and easier to source and order the best packaging supplies for your business. From packaging optimisation with our expert packaging engineers, right down to a customer support team that handles each and every question you have, no matter how big or small, you can lower your packaging costs, optimise your packaging supply chain and have more precise control over your packaging and the role it plays in your business. Contact us today to see how else Packhelp can simplify your packaging supply chain.

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