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A packaging supply chain of tomorrow, for today

A mission control tool to help you make the right decision for your supply chain.

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Production management

Run your production like a Pro

  • Ditch emails and spreadsheets to run your packaging operations
  • Track delivery progress from pre-production to shipment
  • See delays early and plan accordingly
  • Send automatic reminders to suppliers when deadlines approach

SKU management

Centralise your packaging items

  • Single digitised workspace to manage your entire packaging SKU library
  • Meticulously manage all your technical specifications and designs
  • Standardise the format of all your documents for saved time and ease of distribution
  • Never run out of stock with a semi-automised re-ordering process

Supplier management

All your relationships in one place

  • A centralised database with all your supplier information
  • Easily communicate to know what is happening at any given time
  • Have a detailed understanding of suppliers' production capabilities and sustainability credentials
  • Get access to supplier documentation in standardised format


Speed up communication and project delivery

  • Instantly communicate with co-workers, suppliers or third parties
  • Manage your own and your teams' deadlines by setting tasks
  • Establish transparent workflows and reduce mistakes
  • Collaborate easily on new projects with internal and external stakeholders


Compare your entire supply chain

  • Benchmark suppliers against each other
  • Track responsiveness, on-time delivery and other metrics
  • Improve suppliers' performance by holding them accountable
  • Compare suppliers' production capabilities and sustainability credentials


Be one step ahead

  • Measure every part of your supply chain
  • Understand your spending history, see trends and find savings opportunities
  • Minimise supplier risk by getting a precise picture of your business' dependencies
  • Track your team's and suppliers' operational performance and improve output

Connect your entire software suite

Use our open API to integrate with your existing software stack, and guarantee data consistency across all your systems.

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