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It’s time for the new normal

Digitise your packaging supply chain with Packhelp Pro and never look back.

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Single source of truth for your packaging supply chain

Upgrade your production process to Packhelp Pro and capture the roaring 20s.

Production planning

Centralise operations for fewer delays, late orders and costly changes

SKU management

Save time, avoid mistakes and never run out of stock

Order management

Faster, simplified and automated ordering process


Streamline communication, foster collaboration and drive innovation

Supplier management

View, understand and optimise supplier relationships

Packaging expertise

Procurement, construction, design, sustainability or warehousing

Production management

Run your production like a Pro

  • Ditch emails and spreadsheets to run your packaging operations
  • Coordinate your operations around a packaging supply chain and receive regular updates from suppliers
  • Immediately see the production status of all orders and suborders
  • Track delivery progress from pre-production to shipment
  • See delays early and plan accordingly

SKU management

All your packaging items in one place

  • Workspace to manage all product specifications and designs
  • Upload all your documents with one click and start using immediately
  • Link specifications to designs to create items
  • Standardise the format of all items
  • Link items to suppliers and order in seconds
  • Never run out of stock with list of orders for specific items
  • Dedicated dashboard overview of all suppliers and orders for every item

Order management

Order your packaging with just a few clicks

  • View list of all active and historical orders
  • Filter all of your orders and check their status within seconds
  • Create orders in minutes and automatically issue purchase orders
  • Create assembly orders for your most complex packaging needs
  • Communicate in real time with all stakeholders on any given order
  • Assign tasks and approve milestones within the order process

Order automation

Save time and never run out of stock

  • Autosuggest matched suppliers based on items
  • Autofill supplier address and shipping address
  • Autofill price and terms based on selected supplier and contract
  • Autogenerate PO numbers and order names
  • Automise additional events of your choosing


Pixel perfect artworks without missing the deadline

  • Share design inspirations with the internal and external team
  • Collaborate in real time on each iteration of your artwork and receive production ready approvals
  • Add comment on designs and set tasks for stakeholders
  • Streamline communication in chat

Supplier management

All information about your suppliers at your fingertips

  • All supplier information available at a glance
  • Upload all suppliers with one click and start ordering immediately
  • View all suppliers and their detailed information
  • View supplier address and contact details
  • View supplier current production capabilities
  • View supplier certifications and sustainability credentials
  • View items and orders for given suppliers

Connect your entire software suite

Packhelp Pro's flexible design will allow you to quickly integrate with your existing software stack, guaranteeing smooth data consistency across all systems.

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