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Packaging design services

Captivate your audience with outstanding packaging artwork design that tells your brand story.

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An unboxing to remember

Gain visibility on socials with unique packaging artwork. Create a full packaging experience and stay top of mind for weeks on end!

Strong brand narrative

Packaging artwork design that stays consistent with your brand values, from visual language to graphic elements that evoke authenticity.

It’s got brains too

Industry-specific packaging artwork services based on complex data, all carefully selected to increase your turnover and outsmart your competitors.

See how it works

The packaging design services include three initial artworks for you to choose from + the production & delivery of your final product. Bonus: you get to keep the dieline for future use!

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Tell us what you need

Once you’ve decided on the packaging you want, all you have to do is send us a brief. Please include the packaging name you’ve chosen from our offer, some info about the artwork you’d like & where you would like it placed.


We work together

The next step is to arrange a call to discuss your brief and optimisation possibilities. We take in all your wishes & directions to create not one but three packaging artwork designs for you to choose from.


We send it your way

We work exclusively with our vetted supplier network to ensure your final packaging artwork design looks and feels superior. We produce & send your packaging once the highest standards are met.

Not just packaging. An experience

We create customer-oriented packaging that goes beyond and targets post-purchase effective methods to increase your brand's visibility & trust. Our packaging designers focus on hard data & industry trends to give you the best possible advantage. We build designs that appeal to your customers and stay top-of-mind in an ever-changing marketing environment.

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Your brand. Your rules

We support your brand identity and ensure your packaging is in line with your statement & values. Everything that goes into our packaging artwork services, from custom visual assets to brand storytelling, is fully personalised for yourself only. All in a unique brand narrative that follows your product from top to bottom. Choose to invest in branded packaging today.

A superior packaging service

When you choose Packhelp, you invest in powerful packaging designed to add value to your offer. This is why we work hard to offer you the best packaging design artwork services that surpass the competition. Our packaging artwork services includes advanced designs customised exclusively for your brand. In other words, nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Send us a brief

Still got some questions?

Not long at all. Once we go through our initial consultation and complex briefing, you will receive the designs within three working days.

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned. For this reason, we’ve included two rounds of amendments in the price. If you’d wish to proceed with further changes, please remember that it will cost an extra 80 EUR (plus VAT).

Part of our sustainability pledge is to limit packaging waste and reduce our carbon emissions. For this reason, we do not deliver physical mockups. However, you will receive 3D mockups and renders, so you get a real feel of your packaging.

Unfortunately, our offer does not include copywriting or logo creation services as of yet.

Yes, and we would be happy to do it for you. Remember that adapting your current design to a new packaging format will cost an additional 160 EUR (plus VAT).

Packhelp’s artwork service grand total is 399 EUR (plus VAT).

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