E-commerce international shipping: where to start and how to scale?


Craig Johnson

Business Development Manager, Easyship

Artur Oboleński

Head of Packhelp Lab, Packhelp

More than half of European online shoppers placed an international order over the past 12 months. However, international shipping is still feared by many younger e-commerce brands or retail businesses.

The taxes, regulations, and packing required for shipping internationally are overwhelming and straight-up scary.

Join us for the upcoming “Ask me Anything” session with Craig Johnson from Easyship and Artur Oboleński from Packhelp to start your journey with international shipping or improve your current processes. 

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of different customs, taxes, and international shipping regulations that apply to your business;
  • Best practices for managing international shipments; 
  • Know-how on preparing your packages for international shipping in terms of packaging, labels and more!  

Packhelp Talks are live trainings and “Ask me Anything” sessions with invited guests. We talk about e-commerce, retail, packaging, design, sustainability, and more! 



Easyship logo international shipping how to start and scale

Speaker Profiles:

Craig Johnson

Business Development Manager, Easyship

Responsible for elping clients to unlock global growth by selling worldwide, seamlessly.

Artur Oboleński

Head of Packhelp Lab, Packhelp

Experienced Packaging Manager. Worked for R&D and marketing departments in many international FMCG brands. Now, he's leading a team of Packhelp packaging engineers.

What topics will we cover during this session?

Is international shipping a must?

When you should start shipping internationally?

How to manage international shipments?

How to prepare your packages for international shipping?

How to price out shipping costs?

Why do custom tax & duties matter in international shipping?

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