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Choose your style.

Packhelp's eco-badge comes in a variety of different styles and colours. Choose the one that fits the image of your brand perfectly. And don't worry about the implementation - it's super easy!

Implement it on your website.

Packhelp’s eco-badge is a great way to show off the sustainable credentials of your brand. Make it visible to everyone on your website, and show your brand’s pledge to the environment.


What does this badge mean?

Packhelp’s eco-badge means that you are using sustainable packaging. It shows your customers that your brand has made a decision to use packaging that does as little impact to the environment as possible, both in production and disposal.

Where can I add it?

You can add it anywhere on your website where it will stand out and make curious visitors want to learn more. We suggest adding your badge to the footer due to its design.

How can I add it?

Just follow the simple instructions above. If you have any questions you can always contact us!

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