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Crafted for convenience and protection, our plain and custom poly mailers are lightweight and space-saving parcel bags. Explore our range of materials, sizes, and printing options to find the perfect poly mailer, envelope or postage bag for your brand.

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Are these shipping mailers waterproof?

It depends. Our classic poly mailer bags are made from highly durable LDPE foil, while our more eco-friendly alternatives are made from waterproof bioplastic. This material is great to serve as an additional layer of protection to prevent your box from rain, water and snow. Our paper-based shipping mailers are water-resistant. They can take a bit of rain in transit.

Can I design my own shipping mailers?

No, for now we only offer pre-printed mailers. But we are actively working on providing customizable options in the near future to better meet your unique packaging needs.

What are some common uses for shipping mailers?

Shipping mailers can be used as protective packaging and a shipping solution on their own. Soft goods (e.g., clothing & accessories) and printed material (e.g., magazines) can be shipped using just postal bags. They are a favourite among fashion brands. They are also great for protecting mailer boxes from damage, rain and other elements.

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