How the merging of Packhelp's quality and Inuru's tech led to a futuristic redesign of champagne house Cattier.

Inuru was looking for a competent printing partner to help them deliver luminescent bottle labels for Cattier.

As a tech company, Packhelp understands the intricacies of integrating the newest technology with all kinds of packaging. Collaborating with Inuru meant condensing an entire electronic circuit into a paper-thin label for futuristically-redesigned Cattier champagne bottles.
Light up your brand


The challenge

Cattier was looking to elevate their champagne bottles with new, innovative packaging. The aim was simple – integrate a novel experience for customers enjoying the celebratory drink. 

The champagne house turned to Inuru, pioneers of smart packaging, who have developed patented ELF technology – self-powered OLED films that activate and light up through interaction and on which you can print easily.

Cattier needed to improve the labels’ quality. Packhelp’s experience with technology and packaging came into play to produce innovative labels, adhering to the quality standard that 400 years of Cattier history called for. 


The solution

The new Cattier label offers several ways for the customer to interact with the champagne bottle, bringing an exciting differentiation factor to Cattier’s heritage product. The company’s logo lights up against an all-black label as the drink is being poured into the glass, adding impressively to the futuristic look of the bottle.

Self-powered visual interface technologies such as light-up labels enable brands to create a completely new customer experience. Thanks to Inuru’s technology, customers are able to interact with products manually or through their smartphones, bringing product visual communication to an exciting new experiential realm.

Delivering high quality light-up labels let Cattier redesign their heritage champagne bottles.

The successful merging of Packhelp quality and Inuru technology proves that even a luxury heritage champagne brand can benefit from breakthrough technologies when they are suitably adapted to go with the brand’s visual identity.

The future of OLED printing looks very promising. Creating thin, bendable, water-resistant labels with an electrical layer is only the first step. These lights are already able to be printed into different shapes, and there is no doubt that this technology will continue to progress with even more exciting developments in the packaging industry.


Illuminated labels

Paper-thin, bendable, water-resistant labels.

Interactive experience

A novel experience for customers enjoying the celebratory drink.

Refreshed visual identity

Adhering to the quality standard of 400 years of Cattier's history.

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