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Biotika - a Polish D2C producer of candles - improved their shipping strategy with Packhelp & decreased costs by 12%

The transition from regular ecommerce to D2C required changes in the shipping strategy of Biotika, as well as packaging used to deliver products to customers.

Biotika regularly ordered packaging from Packhelp, however the growth achieved in 2020 called for a more complex solution. Consulting with our experts resulted in a new approach towards deliveries management.

As a consequence, Biotika decreased the costs of packaging by 12%, diversifying its packaging portfolio too. On top of that, these changes resulted in a 10% marketing budget increase.
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Packaging portfolio optimization

Supporting the sustainability values

Packaging cost reduction


Better fit between products and packaging

Min. 90% of recycled cardboard used

12% of packaging cost reduction

Chapter 1

The client brief.

Products of Biotika – which included various candles in four different sizes (ranging from 60 ml to 200 ml) – were shipped in internal (Mailer Boxes) and external packaging (Shipping Boxes). Sturdy shipping boxes were used to provide protection for the lighter boxes with print. There are also dozens of gift packs and sets that all together account for almost 100 different combinations of products. 

Biotika is also keen on promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness. A part of this is an initiative called RECANDLE. Customers can send candle packaging back to the company which keeps the containers in a loop. As far as the cardboard packaging was concerned, Biotika stressed out the need to remain at the min. level of 90% of recycled cardboard.


Arriving at a shipping-friendly, sustainable type of boxes.


Print technology using eco-friendly, water-based inks.


Achieving a better packaging-to-product fit for over 100 product combinations.

Chapter 2

Packaging for D2C

Biotika successfully transitioned to a D2C model. Due to this change, the Polish candle manufacture faced new challenges.

Without the middlemen in the sales process, D2C brands need to nurture the relationships with customers and encourage them to share the word. That is why direct to consumer companies are in need to double down on brand awareness boosted with packaging.

Biotika wanted to craft a memorable unboxing experience – upon opening the boxes, the customers already feels the scented oils, while products are placed on wood wool. The entire package was supposed to be an exhilarating experience.


Lower costs, better fit for new business model.

The help from the Packhelp team allowed Biotika to adapt to selling in the direct to consumer model. 

Extending the range of boxes used to four different sizes allowed Biotika to better adjust packaging for customer orders. Product could be arranged in four types of packaging, minimizing costs of shipping, as well as the fixed packaging costs. Biotika decreased the fixed packaging costs by 12%, and a fair share of that saving was used to increase the marketing budget. 

The new line of packaging was also crucial for Biotika’s branding. Made from recycled materials (min. 90% requirement was met, with FSC-certified cardboard), the boxes are an integral part of the candle producer’s Instagram imagery (Biotika’s sales are heavily driven by this platform). 

Finally, the customers of Biotika can reuse the cardboard boxes to send the candle containers back to the manufacture.



New sizes

A set of optimized Eco Mailer Boxes that fitted more than 100 of product combinations.


Cost reduction

No die-cut costs, and lower overall costs thanks to bulked orders of standard sizes.


Recycled contents

Eco-friendly values emphasized through packaging made from FSC-C151608-certified wood.


About Biotika

Biotika is a D2C producer of scented candles. Established by Agata Łanica and Małgorzata Adamska, the brand was born out of their common interest in healthy lifestyle. Biotika’s products are available at the company website; the product range includes scented oils, natural soy candles and naturally perfumed bars for closets.

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