How packaging improvements helped fashion brand Tropicfeel reduce their CO2 emissions by 50%.

Tropicfeel wanted to improve its packaging and unlock opportunities in its supply chain.

Packhelp stepped in to optimise the details of their boxes as well as their transportation, resulting in a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 20% reduction in costs, and optimised goods storage and transportation.
Optimize your costs


Reduce costs

Offer one type of packaging for various products

Purchase closer to the warehouses located in Germany and the UK to reduce CO2 transit emissions

Become more sustainable

Optimise logistics by reducing MOQ and lead time


Reduced production costs by 20%

Introduced new bendable box structure

Relocated production from China to Europe, resulting in a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions

Redesigned to fit 10% more units/pallet (Shipment calculations based on pallet and truck capacity)

Reduced the number of boxes from 10 to 4 by adding folding lines that allow for size adjustments

The challenge

Tropicfeel was looking for a trusted partner to help them unlock the opportunities in their supply chain. Working with a production facility in China, the company faced a lot of frustration which arose from the distance and poor quality of the service provided. The boxes were often damaged in transportation, the lead time was always very long, not to mention that it was hard to keep track of sustainability credentials.

After years of packaging defects, both in quality and print, the company needed a reliable partner who would help them spot the opportunities. Packhelp’s technology and experience in packaging services came in handy.

We choose Packhelp for the easy access to the account managers, the fast sampling process, the help in optimising details of the boxes, and, for sure, the prices.

Packhelp services in action

Material and print reduction

We examined the customer’s samples to find potential optimisations, which led to a reduction in printing and exchanging double fluting to single.

Packaging structural engineering

We reduced the number of boxes in the company's packaging portfolio, resulting in three sizes of boxes that require only one dieline, thanks to adaptable folding.

Supply Chain optimisation

We developed a way to optimise pallet space by creating folding boxes that maximise the available space, resulting in the ability to fit 10% more units/pallet.

Packhelp services in action

Packhelp’s task was to optimise TropicFeel’s boxes and logistics without compromising the brand’s aesthetic or the boxes’ safety.

After conducting a portfolio analysis, our production team suggested replacing double fluted packaging with single fluted, as the company mainly ships lightweight items. We also suggested reducing printing to only the outside of the boxes. Introducing these changes meant fewer resources used and a 20% reduction in total production costs.

After material reduction, our team focused on structural changes. By adding fold lines, TropicFeel now has the flexibility of three box sizes using only one dieline. Thanks to this, the largest box can fold following dotted lines on the sides to accommodate smaller volumes and become a smaller box during transportation. 

Packhelp helped Tropicfeel reduce their CO2 emissions by 50%

Smart, optimised packaging plays a huge part in a company’s overall performance.

Thanks to simple material reduction and structural changes, TropicFeel can now fit 10% more units/pallet and enjoy a 20% reduction in production costs.

Optimising their logistics and shifting production to Europe also helped the company reduce its CO2 emissions by a whopping 50%.

Now, the company is able to deliver less MOQ with more recurrency and on top of that, maximise the space used in their warehouse as well. 

Instead of becoming overwhelmed or frustrated with the details of optimising, TropicFeel trusted us with their packaging and we met their expectations. Just as they wanted.


- 20%


production costs

- 50%


CO2 emissions

- 10%



About Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel is about bringing the excitement of travel to everyday life, 365 days a year. As a brand powered by innovation, they are harnessing the power of collaboration to challenge the status quo, walking alongside modern-day travelers in complete harmony, towards a more responsible future.

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