Sustainable cosmetics packaging: Étika Shop


Bernat and Fabio joined forces to launch a natural cosmetics brand that represented their beliefs. Their objective was to give users an alternative to all the artificial products available on the market.

Unlike their competitors, Bernat and Fabio created products with the goal of skin nutrition in mind.

Étika Shop produces its cosmetics 100% locally. Sustainable packaging was the cherry o top of this eco-endeavour.

unboxing experience from etika shop

Bernat sat down with us and told us more about the project and his future plans for the brand. Read the complete interview below.

Packhelp: What's in the heart of ÉTIKA? How did this beautiful project start?

Bernat: ÉTIKA was born out of the will to take care of people's health in a natural way.

One of the things that worried us was the number of chemicals that are absorbed into our blood through the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and that includes hair and nails.

Although the skin protects us from external factors, it does not act as a filter. Everything that comes into contact with it can be absorbed and affects our health.

Another of our goals was to keep consumers away from cosmetics designed to create needs and en ’get hooked’. Our products act as a filter for the skin, and we select only those that do not harm the body.

natural cosmetics and custom packaging etika shop packhelp

We also try to produce all of our product locally or at least within the EU. Another thing is packaging. We look for packaging that's recyclable, returnable or reusable. It's a way to also commit our brand to the health of the planet; without a healthy planet, we have nothing.

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Packhelp: What daily challenges do you face as a company?

Bernat: One of our challenges and growth objectives is to further personalise our website.

Clients can contact us through different platforms but we want the website to be the "home base".

We also call them to ask about the products they've bought in our store. Our priority is that they are fully satisfied with their purchase and let them know we care y actually speaking with them.

Packhelp: What's the unique selling value of your Étika?

Bernat: We're committed to offering natural and certified products, strengthen local production, promote responsible consumption and also planting trees to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Packhelp: What marketing tools do you use to gain visibility and grow your brand?

Bernat: We're currently working with a marketing agency from Valencia. We're truly very happy with the work their doing. As experts, they've helped us grow ad nurture our social media and come up with creative new things to try out.

eco whit mailer box from etika shop

Packhelp: Let's talk packaging! How have you used the packaging from Packhelp?

Bernat: We use it as packaging to send our products. We needed something to keep our products secure during shipping. When we found Packhelp, it was amazing to find out we could customise our chosen boxes and order low quantities.

Packhelp: And what strategy did you use to design your boxes?

Bernat: We thought about it a lot. We saw the box as a cover letter, the first impressions. Plus, it's all about the customer experience and it had to represent the brand philosophy.

We had 50 design proposals and in the end, the simplest was the best choice: completely white boxes.

cstom packaging from etika shop

Packhelp: Do you think packaging reinforces the image of ÉTIKA?

Bernat: Without a doubt, it is one of the most important elements. It goes hand in hand with customer service, which has to be impeccable.

Packhelp: What are the medium and long-term plans for ÉTIKA?

Bernat: We are thinking of opening our first store in Valencia throughout this year. Although, with the economic crisis that might be coming, we may have to delay this dream.

There you have it, Bernat and Fabio put their minds together to create something amazing. And custom packaging that met their sustainability values was the cherry on top to their up and coming brand.

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