Boxes for Purses: Fensismensi


What inspires small businesses in their packaging designs? While we’ve already heard about Japanese paintings and the mood of the product, the Slovenian producer of coin purses - Fensismensi - has provided a new source. The pattern printed on the Eco White Mailer Boxes is based on polka dots! We asked the founder of Fensismensi - Ana Hribar - why did she choose such design and how it enriches the unboxing experience of her clients.

custom packaging

Purses handmade in Slovenia

The first entry of Fensismensi to the Slovenian market took place in 2006. At that time, a designer and photographer Ana Hribar established her own company, which produced broaches, bags and coin purses.

This year, the company has gone through a small rebranding process, in which the Eco White Mailer Boxes played an important role. Fensismensi packs the handmade products in the cardboard boxes. The unboxing experience is then enhanced by a thin layer of translucent, green paper. The paper is wrapped around the purse and finished with a sticker.

How does it influence the unboxing experience? The Eco White box arrives to the customer, creating the first impression. Its design is clean and happy. The next thing the customer sees is a bag wrapped aesthetically in a paper layer. These simple steps build anticipation - the exact idea behind the unboxing experience.

Polka dots inspiration

Polka dots are a universal, everpresent pattern, which inspired Ana in the packaging design. The geometrical approach blends here with the brand’s love for simple patterns. As a result, the boxes are both elegant and playful.

“The design of the box is inspired by a polka dot design, a lovely pattern, which has been known for years already. Since it is used on coin purses too, I decided to use that influence in the packaging design. It's a simple and playful design that provokes happiness.”


fensimensi packaging project


white mailer boxes

Ana also told us that Packhelp has been an ideal partner to work with as a small brand. Apart from Fensismensi, Ana works as a professional photographer. Sewing and designing the purses is, therefore, one of her projects. Since Fensismensi is a one-man band, born out of the passion for simple beauty, she needed a solution that met her needs.

“I was happy to find Packhelp, where I could buy a small amount of boxes, and reorder as needed. As a small business, I didn’t need a huge stock of them. With 30 pieces, I can also change the design whenever I want. This small amount makes organizing business lean and neat.”