Eco-packaging for clothes: Malimo


Looking for a brand that not only speaks about sustainability but actually implements it? Look no further.

Read the story of a Berlin-based company Malimo, which created a unique, eco-friendly look by planting trees and opting for Eco Mailer Boxes from Packhelp.

packhelp corrugated cardboard box with black print

Your clothes say who you are

When you think about it, clothes defined the hippie style at Woodstock, made people in charge look powerful and help you chill out at home today. They meant so much in just so many different aspects.

Garments say a lot about you, your attitude and what kind of a person you are. It’s, therefore, no coincidence there are so many clothing brands around the world. Since we all differ, there is a need for diversity. With more people on Earth, this need is rapidly growing as well.

open cardboard box with piece of clothing inside - packhelp

And while global clothing brands are hegemons, the truth is that we’re all getting tired of those huge, crowded shops. You probably also like the easiness of online shopping and discovering smaller brands with unique tastes. It gets even better when those small-scale brands take the environment into consideration.

That’s exactly where companies like Malimo step in.

With the brand's sustainability philosophy and fresh designs inspired by lots of travels around the world, this Malimo stands out from the crowd.

Malimo was born during our almost 2 years long trip around the world.” - says Johannes, co-founder of the company. 

The idea to be self-employed grew in Australia while we worked 60h weeks for 5 months. The rest came spontaneously when we stayed in India. We fell in love with the colourful nature of that country, built up a good relationship with a tailor there and designed our first collection out of leftover traditional saris.

flatlay image of cardboard printed box

Malimo makes a tremendous effort to make their eco-friendliness real.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Malimo’s products are born from worn-out materials. One of their clothing lines, called The Upcycling Collections, is entirely sewed from leftover fabrics. Other products are mostly made from already used pieces of clothing.

Moreover, Malimo plants trees in Madagascar and Nepal for every sale the company makes. 

We make funky fair fashion - clothes that don’t show that they are organic. We plant 10 trees for each sale, take care of sustainable packaging for all of our shipments and use our returned boxes a second time to love the environment as much as we can.

hands holding a corrugated printed box by packhelp

Hey there good guy, you just planted a tree!

The company chose to work with Packhelp in order to create branded packaging. The requirements were that the boxes would be made from recycled mass and include only eco-friendly inks. Packhelp's mailing boxes were a perfect choice. 

Instead of a complex design or a logo-based pattern, Malimo decided to personalize the design of their boxes. The first thing that the customer sees upon arrival is a witty text “The wait is over”. Before opening the packaging, each customer sees the uplifting message that 10 trees were planted thanks to that choice. 

It’s a perfect scenario in which customers feel good about themselves just by purchasing that particular product.

hands holding a corrugated cardboard box

Packhelp’s easy-to-use and that’s what matters a lot

The founders of Malimo mentioned that the easiness of use was the second important reason to choose Packhelp. As a company that grows and sells mostly online, Malimo needed a solution that’s convenient.

Johannes from Malimo shared, that 

Compared to most other package providers, Packhelp has the most aesthetically pleasing, modern website with the best usability (the most user-friendly) - the 3D online designer convinced us. This saves all the emailing back and forth.

The result of this collaboration between Malimo and Packhelp is a little step made towards a more sustainable future.