Minimalist packaging: Minimalism Brand


"Possess only what you really need" - that's the statement that the Spanish company Minimalism Brand wants to envision in their product range. The company sells unique wallets and backpacks, both limited to the most necessary functions and details. In the case study prepared with Packhelp, Minimalism Brand invites to a world defined by "less is more".

Minimalism Brand packaging

Items for the everyday use

The founders of Minimalism Brand explained that their concept is to maintain an everyday-use policy in every product they design. The company, established in Madrid in 2017, was a result of observation - people buying and keeping things that weren't a necessity, but rather a whim. The two founders of the brand saw an opportunity in there - a brand that deals with necessary, everyday items.

"In Minimalism, we always make sure to design and provide products that our customers can use on a daily basis. The idea of minimalism is not only a style for us but a philosophy of utilizing only the most necessary products. This trend has led us to our wallets, in which we carry only credit cards and backpacks - designed to use them at work, in the gym or a short weekend getaway."

In the future, Minimalism Brand is planning to add more products, all within the philosophy of "utility comes first".

Minimalism Brand packaging

The packaging of Minimalism Brand

As expected, the packaging solution had to meet the strict vision of the company. The main objective was to find a solution that would be both minimalist and customizable.

As the founders of Minimalism Brand explain,

"The design of our boxes needed to follow the requirements of the brand. Packhelp has given us such a solution. A simple design, fully customizable and made from recyclable materials. We wanted to fully dispose of plastic in our shipping process and that was the perfect solution."


minimalism brand packaging

Minimal Life, Free Future

The packaging of Minimalism Brand was narrowed down to a logo and a catchy slogan - "minimal life, free future", which describes the values of the Spanish company. There isn't any excess of graphics, but instead - focus on the branding aspect only. With this design, Minimalism Brand created a complete product.

"The user's experience doesn't end at the moment of payment. On the contrary, it's the shipping, the arrival of the product to the doorstep that creates the richest experience. The packaging amplifies this experience. In our case, it couldn't be simpler - logo and slogan, along with social media hashtags. It's useful, simple and practical - like everything we do at Minimalism Brand."