Designer Boxes for Designer Clothes: Monokel


Finding your niche in the business as crowded as the fashion industry isn’t easy. New brands are established almost every single day. However, the Berlin-based company Monokel has created a vision that focuses on personalized elegance. During a short trip to Germany, Packhelp visited the concept store in Berlin and spoke with the founders of the company.

scatola e prodotti Monokel

Elegance is not dependent on time.

While fashion trends change every season, there are certain forms and styles that remain constantly appreciated. Tailor-made menswear has always been one of these forever-working concepts. Special occasions or everyday apparel - elegant look is equally suitable.

Having said that, it takes a lot of work to establish a believable brand that meets the expectations of customers with the most exquisite tastes. They expect the highest quality of the materials (and often are more aware of the available materials in the market), along with a very personal approach. Catering to their needs requires something special.

In the end, it’s a choice of belonging to a certain brand, wearing their clothes and showcasing your own style.

The elegance of Monokel’s apparel is reflected in the company’s branded boxes.

The packaging set consists of two products - Two-Piece Product Boxes and Mailer Boxes.

Both of these products were designed to match the interior of the stores - a blend of organic warmth (thanks to the wooden shelves and tables with products) and the raw, minimalistic character of the white walls inside the shop. There isn’t any pattern printed on them either - Monokel packaging channels the efforts of the company’s founders to showcase elegance at all costs. Using the branded packaging allows the company to fulfill the Monokel experience - your personal apparel.

Packaging for a retail store

Does e-commerce pose a threat to the retail stores and traditional form of shopping?

While many clothing brands tend to swiftly move to e-commerce entirely, mixing a retail store with online sales has its unbeatable benefits. The stores in Berlin and Riga are - apart from regular stores - showrooms, where the brand’s vision is beautifully showcased. A shop creates atmosphere and creates an opportunity to cater to the customer in a more memorable manner. Clients can see the product for themselves too.

Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to use the packaging as a part of the product. Buying an extraordinary garment and having it packed in a smooth, minimalist box creates a whole different experience. An experience that you wish to repeat.