Cardboard boxes with cutouts: Moon Sling


A memorable unboxing experience is a true winner in the race for your customer's attention. It could be the elegance of your box, creative thinking behind the packaging design, or even an eye-catching detail - there's plenty of ways to make this moment of arrival special.

The two founders of Moon Sling knew exactly where to go with their unboxing experience. The high-quality ring slings, sold by Moon Sling, are delivered in boldly designed, 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

moonsling packaging - the Dutch e-commerce brand Moonsling

An experience-driven product

Many successful business ideas stem from experiences and observations of their founders. Sometimes it’s an entirely new item or service you wish you could use. Other than that, it's already existing products made better. 

The latter is the case of Moon Sling, a company founded by two moms - Claire and Olivia. 

Claire is an art director/designer originally from South Africa and Moonsling is currently her side hustle while she still has her full-time day job. Olivia, mum to Bo and originally from London, left her previous job in 2017 to set up her own boutique baby shop in Amsterdam.

a sling ring to carry babies - moonsling packaging

As parents themselves, both Olivia and Claire wanted to offer a product of exceptional quality. The two entrepreneurs discovered a small space in the market of accessories for parents - a ring sling used to carry babies.

These carefully sewed pieces of clothing are made to hold a baby right next to mommy’s or daddy’s chest. Each sling is made from linen fabric, sourced from the Netherlands. It’s a super-delicate material, soft for the little one and safe-to-use for the parent. A finishing detail is an aluminium ring, resistant to over 1200 kg of breaking force. 

We both share the fundamental belief that there’s no better way to hold your little one than heart to heart with ring slings. We think of our ring slings as the unsung heroes of babywearing.

Additionally, the wide range of products serves as a fashion novelty too. Thanks to the minimalistic character of each sling, these clothing pieces look elegant.

Moon Sling production process

The art of delivering the highest value

Moon Sling is constantly growing its offer. Nowadays, the company offers dozens of colour variants of moon slings, all of which are handmade in Amsterdam. Currently, there are two lines of products - ordinary linen and an organic one.

We sell these online through our website as well as wholesale to a few stockists around Europe. We are also focused on expanding our offer by adding new variants of our moon slings.

moonsling packaging - tailor-made boxes by packhelp

Recyclable packaging of Moon Sling

The efforts to bring the highest quality possible are met with each detail of Moon Sling’s offer. Therefore, the company needed a certain type of packaging. One that would look spectacular and be eco-friendly - just like the products sold by Moon Sling.

To meet the sustainability requirement, the packaging of Moon Sling is made from corrugated, recycled cardboard. The design of each box included a special, cut-out window on the top wall. Thanks to this detail, each customer can get a glimpse of the product inside. It's also what makes the unboxing experience much more memorable. 

I wanted to create minimalistic packaging that felt bold by design. - comments Claire. - “The shape for the cut-out window is inspired by our logo and we love it because it allows customers to see the fabric colour and quality.

moonsling packaging - tailor-made boxes by packhelp

Simple solutions are often the best

As the packaging of Moon Sling proves, the box design is not necessarily about complex, hard-to-execute ideas.

Instead, simplicity is what often tops anything else. Just like the product of Moon Sling, the cardboard boxes are reduced to their simplest, raw form. Because what truly matters is the functionality and safety of both the sling and its packaging.