Made for recycling

“Made for recycling” is a product labeling program by Interseroh that indicates the recyclability of the product and encourages better design and material choices for the circular economy.

Why should you buy packaging with Made for Recycling certification?

The Made for Recycling certification by Interseroh evaluates packaging based on specific criteria related to recyclability. These criteria include the choice of materials, ease of separation, and the ability to be processed through existing recycling systems. Packaging that meets these criteria and demonstrates high recyclability potential can receive the Made for Recycling certification.

The program provides packaging manufacturers and brand owners with a way to showcase their commitment to sustainability and recyclability. It helps consumers and recycling facilities identify packaging that is designed to be effectively recycled, thereby supporting the circular economy and reducing waste.

In which countries is Blue Angel certification the most recognizable?

It?s important to note that the Made for Recycling certification by Interseroh is primarily recognized and implemented in Germany and other European countries where Interseroh operates. However, its principles and criteria align with broader goals of promoting packaging recyclability and environmental responsibility.

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