How Your KAYA kept it real and their cash flow in check with a reusable gift set box from Packhelp

Health brand Your KAYA needed an eco-friendly gift box that would be durable and pretty enough for their young customers to reuse and treasure for years.

Your KAYA is a D2C brand that produces and sells intimate care products on a subscription model. In an industry still reliant on plastic, they have carved out a niche as an all-natural brand using only eco-friendly materials in their products. Their messaging and visual communication focuses on two core pillars: sustainability and education. In particular, they strive to break taboos about the body and menstrual process. Packaging plays an important role in both these areas.

The Packhelp team was tasked with creating a special “my first period” gift set box that was to contain a kit of all the essentials for first-timers. The box had to be durable and stylish enough to encourage multiple-use, while weight and space needed to be minimised.

As a result, Your KAYA received an original rigid drawer box that was tailored to their product, messaging and aesthetics with pinpoint precision. Plus, their cash flow was given a boost through a three-way split payment system.


Weight & space optimisation

Multiple-use solution

Top unboxing experience


Custom sized box made from carefully selected materials.

Durable, 1.5 mm solid cardboard.

Drawer box design with bespoke cutout.

Meet Your Kaya

Keeping it eco, keeping it real

Your KAYA has won a solid following and customer base through their commitment to sustainability and refreshingly frank communication about the body and menstruation.

They offer a large range of natural personal care products, from tampons, pads and pantyliners to oils, body washes and candles. This range is supported by an educational campaign around the menstrual process. They have even published their own guidebook. 

However, a true game-changer for them was when they adopted a subscription model. The responsibility falls on Your KAYA to monitor the cycle of their customers. This means that their customers are always well stocked up on the essential supplies each month. It’s a convenient and seamless process.


1.5mm solid board laminated with coloured paper.


Pull-out drawer box finished with a soft-touch foil.


High-quality CMYK offset printing and gold hot-stamping.


The brief started with the unboxing experience. 

Your KAYA came to Packhelp with a specific packaging design and objective in mind for their “my first period” kit. The aesthetics and functionality of the box needed to reflect the brand’s goal of demystifying the menstrual process.

They also wanted to factor reusability into the design. This was sought for sustainability reasons and the fact that they wanted their young customers to hold onto the box, along with its educational message. Therefore, the box had to be not only durable and resistant to damage but also look good on a shelf – e.g., in a bathroom.

Another important element of the brief was space optimisation. The idea is that the products should occupy the largest possible space in the box. This minimises the number of materials in production and the box’s overall footprint in storage and distribution. It all translates into lower costs and carbon emissions. 

A space optimisation project for a single product is usually a straightforward process. But in this case, Packhelp’s packaging experts had to efficiently accommodate six products, all with different dimensions.

Eco-friendly and friendly on the eye.

The expert team decided to develop a bespoke rigid drawer box made of solid board with a thickness of 1.5 mm. It provided just the right balance between strength and weight.

The solid board was laminated with a pastel pink paper-wrap and soft-touch foil. This not only gives the box a premium finish but also extra durability and protection against water.

The binding method allowed for the use of high-volume offset printing. This kept costs down while maintaining the highest print results. The finish was capped off with gold hot-stamping. 

The final result was a premium rigid box designed for Your Kaya’s customers to store, reuse and treasure for years to come.




gift box to be stored and treasured for years to come.


drawer box design

with a pull-out tray to enhance the unboxing experience.


convenient instalments

on a Packhelp split payment plan, which helped to free up cash flow.

The drawer tray design further lends the box the look and feel of a jewellery box, while the sliding action adds extra anticipation to the unboxing experience. A custom cutout makes opening and closing the box a pleasure.

In order to effectively accommodate the 6 different products included in the set, the box dimensions of 220x175x100 mm were chosen. This minimised material waste, excess space and costs. 

Your KAYA also took advantage of Packhelp’s flexible payment options. Orders are paid over three convenient instalments, helping to free up cash flow.

About Your KAYA

Your KAYA is an ecological brand producing natural products for the body and soul. They offer 100% cotton pads, tampons and vegan cosmetics that are both body and earth friendly.

The brand operates on a subscription model where the obligation to remember the period falls on Your KAYA. Subscribing customers also benefit from lower prices and free delivery.

Your KAYA prides itself on being an open and inclusive home where every menstruating person can feel at ease.

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