Organic cosmetics packaging: Beloved Shop


The new brand of organic cosmetics that's taking over the Czech market.

After many years of hard work in the corporate world, Alexandra Rambousková decided to take a different path and begin her own entrepreneurial endeavour.

Alexandra went into an unpopular industry in her home country of the Czech Republic, choosing to create a brand and online store offering organic cosmetics - Beloved Shop.

beloved shop cosmetics packaging

An eco-conscious approach to cosmetics

Ever since Alexandra was a young girl, she had been interested in cosmetics. She was disappointed by the limited availability of products in the Czech and Slovak markets. Most known brands with quality products were only available in bigger countries, leaving a market gap in her home country.

This was when she uncovered the business opportunity in the cosmetic industry she so dearly loved and could not let pass.

Alexandra did not only want to sell any type of cosmetics. She wanted something different, something that she loved and accompanied her own values.

For almost an entire year, she was on the hunt for brands that were producing natural and organic cosmetics. Alexandra aimed to work with brands that followed a conscious production approach.

beloved shop christmas packaging

After an exhausting search, she decided to work with companies from Canada, England, Portugal, Spain and Nigeria.

She brings coconut and shea butter that is handmade by a local tribe in Nigeria that follows recipes dating back hundreds of years.

Alexandra is also very pleased that people becoming more aware of sustainability issues on our planet and as a result are demanding more ecological products and reshaping the way the Czech cosmetics industry works.

Given the spike in demand, new brands focused on organic cosmetics are emerging. Natural cosmetics are even starting to become more than a trend, but rather a necessity in the Czech Republic.

Beloved Shop - a new way of living

custom children's packaging for beloved shop

One of Alexandra’s biggest challenges was bringing together the roles of being an entrepreneur and a mother. Although she became an extremely busy person, she discovered the nature of true multitasking and never looked back.

"But when you do something you love and enjoy, all the problems and pitfalls can eventually be overcome," she says.

Her greatest joy comes from successful customer feedback.

beloved shop packaging

"One may feel overwhelmed with sales, packing orders, seeing only the order numbers - but then suddenly someone writes or comes to you at the fair and thank you. It reminds you why you are doing what you’re doing and keeps you going”.

Packaging boxes that make a difference

When it came down to Beloved Shop’s packaging, Alexandra was involved in the entire process, from choosing the right product to creating an exceptional design.

She opted for Packhelp’s Eco Color Mailer Boxes. This packaging was used for Beloved Shop’s children and Christmas gift packaging, which were not typical of her brand.

The Eco Color Mailer Boxes for Beloved Shop were inspired from 2 different colour schemes that followed the same design.

The Christmas themed box had a soft design with calm, earth tones similar to those of the brand. The boxes targeted for children’s sets had a similar design, although adapted to playful soft pastel colours.

Alexandra was hesitant about these designs at first. She was not sure how her customers would react. Normally, packaging geared towards children tends to be super vibrant and covered in colourful designs. It was same with the Christmas packaging, as most brands drift towards Santa inspired designs.

beloved shop custom packaging

But the reactions were extremely uplifting. Customers were more than impressed with the packaging by Beloved Shop.

Alexandra’s choice of packaging is an optimal example of how important it is to follow a cohesive branding strategy, even in small details like the packaging.

The colour schemes might not have been traditional for the chosen occasions, but they were consistent with her brand.

Alexandra considers her brand identity in every decision that encompasses her business to make sure the same message is transmitted through and through.

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The future for Beloved Shop

custom cosmetics packaging beloved shop

Beloved Shop has many plans for the future! Mainly, Alexandra wants to focus on the expansion of her online business. This will involve expanding her current product offerings. Beloved Shop aims to offer new product categories and product choices to cover more cosmetic needs in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

We’re looking forward to new collaborations with Alexandra. It’s exciting to be able to be a part of Beloved Shop’s future and sustainable brand growth!

Lessons Learned from Beloved Shop

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a new trend. Like Alexandra found with sustainability, it can become a profitable business opportunity.
  • Remember to have a brand identity that remains cohesive in all of the details of your business, even packaging.
  • Find something you love and you’ll enjoy being a busy bee!

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