Eco Boxes for candles: Biotika


Biotika is a young, Polish manufacture of soy candles and scented waxes - all made from only ecological, high-quality materials.

According to the philosophy of the brand, Biotika stems from a love for nature and small pleasures.

The boxes ordered by the store were Eco Mailer Boxes. In this brand story, we'll look into the gorgeously rustic aesthetic of Biotika's packaging, as well as the reasons for the candle market's growth.

ecommerce boxes

You might have noticed that candles are going through their own renaissance. Due to the changing habits of customers, the growing accessibility of small-scale production measures (allowing side-businesses and hand-made craft to flourish), and the fact that they're becoming an element of interior design altogether guarantee the market's growth. According to research, the value of the candles market was estimated in 2020 at over $7 bln and expected to surge up to over $13 bln by 2028.

It has turned into a form of art, with kraft producers using only ecological ingredients and seeking for the most magical scents. We see that trend among Packhelp's customers - more and more brands ship sets of candles and promote various types of them, often made from a variety of materials.

Biotika is a Polish brand, which specializes in producing upscale, handmade candles and waxes, made from soy and beeswax. Their products can be found in some online stores, but most importantly, in the brand store located in Opole, as well as their online e-store.

“The use of soy and beeswax causes the candles to burn in a much lower temperature, which allows them to last longer. At Biotika, we love candles for their good energy, genuine shine and unprecedented scent.”


The packaging of Biotika is mainly influenced by the trend of minimalism.

The project is based on Packhelp’s Eco Mailer Boxes, with a subtle imprint containing only the logo of the company. In order to ornament the boxes, Biotika adds subtle ribbons to the corners of their boxes.

Mind that the packaging, though reduced to maximum simplicity, attracts attention thanks to its rustic character. There's consistency in the way Biotika sells its products visually - the natural, brown cardboard works well with wooden elements that often appear in the Instagram images alongside the candles. As a result, packaging becomes an essential part of the company's image and completes the experience with the product.

Biotika's also an example of a D2C brand that began its packaging journey with Packhelp, and as their operation expanded, they kept us as their sole packaging provider.

We've looked at the growth process of the candles manufacturer in a case study that you can read here.

biotika eco mailer box

Kraft cardboard corresponding with the product

The result is a design that sets the mood for the whole brand. Biotika's kraft boxes are perfectly matched with the equally genuine and modest product design.

Biotika proves that indeed, less is more.

And if you want to explore some more of this detailed unboxing experience, take a look at the video below.