Tailor made, Eco-friendly boxes: Demagica


A business idea is not necessarily born out of a need, shown by a particular group of people. Sometimes, it grows from passion and is dedicated to people with the same interests and flair. Demagica, a Polish project we showcase in this Inspiration, is exactly the example of the latter type of company.

packaging tailor-made by demagica

Demagica is an author project of two designers, who one day dreamt of sharing their love for experiments and the beauty of science. Their main idea was to find a point of intersection of the past and nature with a futuristic character.

"Demagica is magical items and unprecedented materials. We create interior design items and pieces of clothing that will make our customers feel like they enter a different world - full of unexpected and surprising phenomena. In order to achieve that, we use modern, advanced technology that is collected from all over the world. Demagica is all about exploring the unkown and crafting new experiences. It's a product for people with the passion for science and novelties. Our first product is Demagica Materials."

The first product in the range of Demagica was already an opportunity to collaborate with packhelp. This first, unique, science-based item was Aerogel - the lightest material existing in the world, which is used to pick comet debris and isolate astronaut suits.

flatlay view of customised dark boxes by demagica

boxes custom-made demagica

The scientific nature

The designers, who formed Demagica, emphasize the importance of an eco-friendly, nature-inspired character of their packaging too.

Aerogel is stored in a glass vial, placed on wood wool and inside a small cardboard box (made within our Packhelp Pro offer). The very project was supposed to blend ecology and elegance - two worlds colliding.

"We believe that our products can be free from unnecessary ingredients and excessive, artificial materials. At the same time, we wanted the boxes to reflect our care for the environment, but also make them look stunning. This is how we came up with a "reversed" concept - the recycled cardboard was printed with a dark surface. We loved the final result - it emphasized the natural structure of the carton and captured the essence of Demagica."

The dark, somber colours are a perfect match for the mysterious concept of Demagica. Thanks to this detailed approach, Aerogel is showcased with care and utmost elegance.

customised packaging

A challenge accepted

Just like the case of the experimental products, the Demagica packaging constituted a challenge on its own. The dark printing performed on the entire box was a difficult undertaking from the production point of view.

"When we approached Packhelp with our risky concept, it was delightful to find out the professionalism of the company. Even though we knew the risks included in this type of printing, we decided to do it either way. And after 3 weeks the boxes arrived. And.. we were extremely happy with the result! This mutual effort defined (in a certain way) our visual direction at Demagica. We like to experiment and this was another one we enjoyed. We value partners who, just like us, dare to experiment."


custom packaging demagica dark