Luxury product boxes: BMW


Packaging design can range from a very simple project to incredibly creative and complex. The BMW box, manufactured by Packhelp and used as an influencer kit, keeps a surprising finish inside the box. The opening mechanism of the dark, elegant packaging is what makes this project look exceptional.

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An automotive standard

The automotive industry is a phenomenal example of building anticipation.

Let's look at the car "premieres". Most of the brands keep their new car models in secret. It serves multiple purposes - from hiding their cutting-edge technology to bonding with customers. But most of all, it creates the incredible thrill.

Hence, it shouldn’t be a surprise, that presenting new models or celebrating special brand events requires an equally memorable setting and invitation in an equally as memorable presentation box.

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Anticipation and uniqueness

When it comes to grasping that very essence of anticipation-building, the design of an invitation by BMW is nothing short of brilliant.

The external look emphasizes the elegance of the brand and mixes it with a fresh touch of the imprint on top. The black color is very deep and finished with a gloss foil.

As a novelty comes the imprinted “Be The One Who Dares”. The text is hot-stamped on the surface, with an extravagant, golden shine. 

bmw packaging

The internal part is also a tiny piece of art.

As it could be seen in the pictures, the external layer of the BMW box is extendable. As you remove the outer part, the box inside hides a unique surprise. A gold layer of laminated paper covers the insights of the box.

This BMW packaging is a brilliant example of a playful, interactive box. It allows the receiver to discover various layers, touch it and feel it. It’s also one of the most elegant and classy projects realized under the brand of Packhelp Pro.

Sliding Boxes

Sliding Boxes

Sliding Boxes