Jewellery packaging: Concrete Jungle


What do you think of when you think of innovation?

Just like us, probably your thoughts go to a new app, software system, or even a cool gadget.

But did you ever picture, innovative jewellery?

Neither did we.

Concrete Jungle will definitely blow your mind!

This startup brand is creating jewellery unlike any other. Dainty, beautiful, and unique, Concrete jungle creates jewellery pieces made from concrete.

It’s something new and revolutionary in the market, and more than anything else, it is inspired and driven by sustainability.

daniel and madlen from concrete jungle

On this new inspiration, we’re diving into the story of Madlen and Daniel, two entrepreneurs from Germany that married the idea of sustainability and innovation and came up with a product that is out of this world.

Accidentally Discovering Concrete

When you think of concrete, the last thing that would come to mind is jewellery. It’s interesting to think about how Daniel and Madlen came to such an idea.

It was all by wonderful surprise.

Back in 2012, they were in need of a desk. After searching and searching, nothing fit the style they were looking for or pleased them.

After no luck, they simply decided to “pour” themselves a concrete desk. And as easy as that, an entrepreneurial spark ignited in them.

unboxing concrete jungle

In no time, they went on to learn as much as they could about concrete and discovered that when adapted, it can be used in so many different ways.

Concrete doesn’t have to be that same material we see on the streets. It turns out it was the complete opposite!

Daniel and Madlen put all their research into the test and created their own mix of concrete. Their hard work came up with a unique ultra-high-performance concrete.

“This type of concrete requires a lot of knowledge, skills and special mixing machines because it is normally only used for delicate architectural elements and in mechanical engineering.”

It was a formula that fit all of their needs, it was delicate, stable, and most of all, sustainable.

top view of custom double sided mailer boxes for concrete jungle

A sustainably driven small business

Sustainability has been engrained into the Concrete Jungle philosophy and values since day one.

To Madlen and Daniel, taking care of the planet should be as important as growth for any business. At the end of the day, we only have one planet, and businesses are what have the most impact.

“That's why we try to make a difference and try to find better solutions and we try to keep our Footprint as small and clean as possible because we have a big responsibility for the generations that come”, says Madlen.

The eco-friendly DNA drives many of their business decisions, for example, the fact that concrete is the main ingredient in their products.

inside design of double sided mailer box

When looking at the CO2 emissions statistics, products made of concrete have significantly lower emissions than those made from gold and silver.

In addition, the Concrete Jungle Team even incorporated a Sustainability Manager into their family to stay on top of their production and waste management.

They strive to not waste any of their resources. Any leftover concrete is used towards other projects so every last drop of raw materials is put to good use.

For these reasons, Concrete Jungle was awarded the Green Product Award in the year 2019. This award honours the best innovative and sustainable products made by international start-ups.

Award-Winning Packaging for an Award-Winning Brand

It comes as no surprise that a sustainable brand like Concrete Jungle would be in need of top-notch sustainable packaging.

But they needed something more.

When Concrete Jungle came to Packhelp, we started working on packaging that transmitted the brand DNA and could be described as show-stopping.

Their jaw-dropping products deserved nothing less.

Concrete Jungle designed a Double-Sided Mailer Box with prints inside and outside of the box. This box is made from recycled corrugated cardboard and is printed with CMYK palette and eco-friendly inks.

unboxing concrete jungle custom packaging

Did you know that this box helps plants trees? See how the programme works.

On the outside, they opted for an elegant and sustainable design that’s consistent with the brand colours; green and white. They also added a fun and inviting message “Hip hip hooray, your sparkling concrete products have arrived”.

double sided mailer boxes from concrete jungle

Upon opening the box, we all react in the same way; gasping in shock over how wonderful everything looks.

Inside, the vibe changes. Now everything is in a dark green splendour, like in the jungle. And you’re immediately greeted by the message “I’m happy to see you too”.

inside design of double sided mailer box for concrete jungle

They also included special messages about the brand, like their awards and sustainable values on the top sides, made with gold embossing, signifying their golden value.

If boxes could have a personality, this one would be the sunshine that enters the room.

Unboxing and Going Into the Jungle

Concrete Jungle added several extras to spruce up their unboxing experience.

They include a personalised thank you note to give the purchase an even warmer vibe.

luxury branded packaging concrete jungle

And after that, you find the start of the show; the Concrete Jungle Jewellery.

The jewellery is set in a custom Two Piece Product Box, printed in a classy design. This timeless product packaging was printed in a forest green colour, with gold embossing details of the brand logo and key branded messages.

concrete jungle sustainable custom packaging

This box came to delight anyone that lay their eyes on it.

Two-Piece Product Boxes are another of Packhelp eco-friendly packaging options. These beauties are made from recycled cardstock cardboard, are locally fabricated to reduce carbon footprint emissions, and are fully recyclable.

Being Different is What Makes the Difference

The story of Concrete Jungle can be described as a dream come true.

When two people put their mind, heart and soul into a project, anything can be achieved.

gold embossing details custom packaging

Daniel and Madlen are incredible entrepreneurs that set their mind from the very beginning into what they wanted to create and worked for it, creating a fantastic and unique brand.

What’s even more inspiring, is that they take the responsibility that not many businesses want to take, of making a difference for the planet.

No matter how big the contribution, they prove that everyone in the cycle can make a difference. It is up to us to decide whether or not we do it.

Concrete Jungle has been receiving accolades for their amazing work from the beginning and they’re only growing more and more.

daniel from concrete jungle

We’re excited to see what the future holds Daniel and Madlen, but we’re more than confident that their hard work and dedication to the planet had already set them on the road to success.

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