Boxes for Sweets: Cukrowki


A simple product turned into a whole range of variants and uses - this is what Cukrowka has achieved over only a few years. As a result, their polish fudges became an export good, as well as an advertising channel and a guest at many parties or weddings. As part of its offer and the packaging set, Cukrowka has designed Eco White Mailer Boxes.

white boxes with logo

A sweet kind of business

Cukrowka is a small company with a big heart. Its aim is to promote krówki (eng. polish fudges) as a “national treasure” of the polish pastry industry. In order to achieve that, Cukrowka chooses to work with Polish milk suppliers and uses only the finest, natural ingredients in the production process.

The mood of the company is mellow and happy. The leading colors - both on the website and printing - are subtle pink and beige. The candies are wrapped in paper, which can be customized - it’s a part of the company’s B2B offer. Apart from that, the fudges can be bought by B2C customers too, creating a unique, very broad group of potential buyers.

“Cukrowka turned the production of fudges into a form of art. The sweets have found its fans in both Poland and other European countries. The trick is how the company created a complex service around its product - its manufacturing, packing and even printing the customized graphics on the sweets.”

custom printed box

Special boxes for special occasions

Unlike many of Packhelp’s clients, Cukrowka doesn’t use the Mailer Boxes to send their products to customers. Instead, the company diversified its offer in a very bright manner. Apart from the different tastes of fudges, clients can also order special packaging solutions to pack the fudges. One of these solutions is our Eco White Mailer Box.

candies with logo

A funny note saying “Oh, how sweet!” is printed on the top side of the small cardboard box. The light white color and a handwritten style of the imprint create a very delicate, simple design. The box is then filled with fudges, laid on a thin layer of wood excelsior. It’s a very elegant manner to present the product. Since the polish fudges allow for additional imprint on each candy, this mailer box is a fantastic way to deliver a small batch of advertising sweets to a customer.

“Eco White Mailer Boxes are perfectly fitting our brand. The imprint we went with is funny, brings joy. Each package is handmade, because we want it to be a great experience. Packhelp has been an important partner in our packaging line. The carton boxes are very popular in our fudgy shop!”