Boxes for socks: Kabak


If you’re searching for socks, look no further. Both the stationary and online shop sell a diverse range of socks in multiple patterns – from unicolor models, up to complex patterns. All the socks are of top quality and are creatively designed. The sets of socks are packed into full colour mailer boxes with an additional matt foil.

Mailer box

Socks used to be one of the most boring and unattractive parts of our everyday clothing. Companies like Kabak are changing that presumption. Kabak is a young Polish company that sells colorful socks, designed by a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. The socks are made of combed cotton, which causes them to be more durable and come in their own custom sock boxes.

Kabak boxes color

Full color boxes with a full color product

The various projects of the boxes in our gallery show a range of approaches - from boxes with small elements creating a rich, complex design to a box with paintings on the side. We especially love the light green tones on the small F33 mailer box, but the entire range of Kabak’s packaging is just lovely. They are colorful and naturally correspond to the lively nature of the company. The packaging variant is a Full Color Mailer Box, with an additional layer of matt foil for a smooth finish.

As Kabak states on their website:

“The goal is not to sell our products. It is more important for our products to be worn”

Apart from socks, Kabak also sells beanies and belts. All of their products are available both in a store in Warsaw and online.