Full Color Mailer boxes: Chias


Get to know the story if of Chias - producers of 100% natural liquid snacks on the basis of Chia seeds from Andes.

A Natural Super Food

Chias products have the purpose of being a natural boost to people’s health. Their different flavours target specific needs - Spirit, Body, Health, and Mind - catered to every necessity. These small bottles contain plenty of goodness inside, all to provide a high-quality, healthy snack.

Founder of Chias, Maciej, got to know the magic of chia seeds thanks to his mother. He came to know the amazing benefits the seeds have and became inspired to bring this superfood to people.

“She told me that ”chia” in the Mayan language means ”strength”. It was called the food of runners as the messengers were able to run the whole day, eating only the seeds. The Maya knew, that the seeds contained a lot of fibre, proteins and minerals that’s why they considered them more precious than gold so they even used them as currency” - Maciej.

Custom boxes

In the times, when everyone is in a constant rush, this food nutritional bomb feels like a great source of well-being.

“Since such amazing qualities were hidden in such little seeds, I yearned to absorb the natural and healthy spring of vitality and strength to act. It wasn’t hard to find other enthusiasts of chia seeds. Soon, we came up with the idea to make others experience their beneficial influence and drink it whenever they feel like it” - says Maciej, founder of Chias.

Packaging Design and Branding

Chias created a delightful unboxing experience guided by their brand image. With the purpose of being a natural brand focused on bringing wellness to people, they wanted their packaging to reflect just that.

They decided to use Packhelp’s Full Color Mailer Boxes with a matt foil finish. Full Color Mailer Boxes are made of corrugated cardboard covered by premium white paper. You can choose to add special finishes like a matt or a glossy foil. Designs are printed in a high-quality CMYK colour palette.

Chias aimed to design custom printed boxes that reflected their brand identity. This is why the Full Color Mailer Boxes were the right choice of packaging. They’re design showcases the Chias logo on the top centre of the box, so it is what the customer sees first and remembers the brand.

They also chose to use soft pastel colours in the entire box will a matt foil finish that is smooth to touch. Being an online brand, this is a great park to add because you can engage your customer’s senses (touch) in the first touchpoint with the box.

Boxes Packhelp

Chias also opted to use fillers to secure their products. Each package includes four sets of Chias soft drinks which are placed in the shipping boxes surrounded by wood wool to provide cushioning.

All of these elements placed together create an unboxing experience that reflects the Spirit, Body, Health, and Mind of Chias.

Full Color Mailer Boxes were the perfect choice of packaging for Chias. They became their ideal brand ambassador.