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Are you looking for the perfect boxes for your products? Our online box editor will let you decide whether you prefer printed boxes or standard boxes without imprint.

Working with our online app allows for independence in terms of designing and ordering, among others, printed boxes for your own products. You can place your print on the outside as well as the inside of the box – this makes your printed box look more modern. Often when preparing your printed box, you might be in for a nasty surprise. It turns out that what looked good on a computer screen doesn’t work in real life. When it comes to printing, we use the CMYK color model.

Free online designing app

We provide our customers with a multimedia app where they can design and order their own printed boxes. The app supports, among others, the JPEG and PNG formats, which means you can upload your own image that will appear on your box. You design your printed box, we take care of its finish. What’s next in terms of the printing process?

When uploading RGB files into the app, our monitor will display our actual creation in unchanged form. However, in order for the material from the photo to be placed on a printed box, before printing we need to convert the RGB files to the CMYK color space using the color profile. Meanwhile, when uploading files that use the CMYK color model, we can convert them to RGB to be able to visualize our print. We try to print boxes according to customer’s ideas. On the other hand, to design your own idea for a printed box, you can use a puncher, the files for which also need to be using the CMYK space. A material appearing in the CMYK space is placed on the printed boxes during the printing process and is evenly distributed. To put it simply, it’s best to use the RGB space with images used for visualization and the CMYK space with those that are to be printed. It is best to save the prepared design on the cutter in the resolution of 300 DPI.

Printed boxes – offer

In our offer, you can find printed product boxes with or without lids, with the ability for your print to appear on the inside or the outside of the box. You can order them in full range of CMYK colors. You choose what type of printed boxes you want. Shipping cardboard boxes, commonly known as “cartons” are also available. They are easy to fold and take up little space. The cutter allows you to design mailer boxes that are durable in transport and do not require being taped with adhesive tape.

Print used in the boxes

We use digital printing for all boxes.

When ordering larger quantities of printed boxes we can also use flexography for Eco and Eco White boxes, and offset printing for Eco Color and Full Color boxes.



Think outside the box! Our online web-app makes it super easy for anyone to design and order custom-branded packaging.

product box

Introducing Product Boxes!

We’re introducing Product Boxes! Available in a classic or two piece version, they fit perfectly on a store shelf and can be used as gift boxes.


Choose your packaging!

Compare our products and pick the best solution for you.


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