Oase Hair Vitamins


Have you ever run into a box that you could describe as sexy?

We have, and we brought it to you today. Meet OASE, a D2C brand from The Netherlands created a luxurious custom packaging with the help of Packhelp.

What’s interesting about this project is that OASE is a small brand which absolutely nails their product’s appearance.

oase hair vitamins product

Everything is extremely well designed - it’s modern, with mellow tone colours. 

And their packaging created an ideal and Instagrammable moment.

In this new inspiration, we’re telling the story behind Oase Hair Vitamins, and the jaw-dropping packaging they created with Packhelp.

oase gummies

Hand in hand packaging efforts

When Oase came to Packhelp, they were looking for packaging that encapsulated their brand image. As an online brand, this was super important. Packaging would be the first physical point of contact with customers.

“We wanted something that looked luxurious and that reflected what our gummies were all about.

With such a unique product, their packaging project needed royal treatment. The Packhelp sales and production team made sure to provide Oase with the best possible solution.

“I was lucky to find Packhelp, who made the perfect packaging for our bottles. Urszula helped us really well during the process.

The collaborative work gave an amazing result; a luxury rigid box that showcased the Oase Hair Vitamins as the stars of the show.

oase hair vitamins product

Luxury packaging that complements branding efforts

Oase needed two types of high-end packaging for their products; product packaging and shipping packaging.

For shipping packaging, they opted for Packhelp’s Eco White Mailer Boxes with a simple and minimalist design. The brand’s logo is showcased on the top of the box on black water-based ink.

oase custom rigid boxes

Upon opening the Eco White Mailer Box, you can see the brand’s Instagram social media handle printed on the inside. It’s a smart thing to do in order to instigate people to share their unboxing experience on social media.

Oase also included a thank you card for every customer. Small details like these are also important in the unboxing experience. It makes every customer feel cared for.

oase gummy bottle inside a custom insert

The hair vitamins come perfectly packed in tailor-made soft pink rigid boxes just for Oase. The gummy bottles were placed in luxury rigid boxes made from sturdy rigid cardboard. They are perfect to showcase products in a very elegant light.

Chalk paper lamination finishes were added to give it that soft and elegant feel to touch. In the soft pink colour, the box soft, delicate, elegant, and strong, just like healthy hair should be.

When it came to the design, Oase stays faithful to its branding by keeping it simple. The signature soft pink colour is showcased all the around the box and the logo at the front and centre made with embossing, giving it a soft texture.

They elegantly added their unique product features around the box with symbols representing vegan, halal, and Swiss technology manufacturing. Upon opening the box, the bottle is exquisitely placed inside a custom insert.

It doesn’t end there, you can see the entire unboxing in our video below.

Customer-focused Innovative solutions

How are Oase Hair Vitamins different from other hair supplements available in the market?

The answer on how to differentiate came from lots of research and development, trial and error, and listening to the aches and pains of what customers wanted.

Finding that sweet spot of was what lead to a solution to already existing problems consumers needed help with.

OASE Hair Vitamins consist of 16 top-quality ingredients, carefully selected using the latest scientific insights; our product is produced using patented Swiss technology. The hair vitamins are made of all-natural ingredients, are 100% vegan and certified Halal.

“OASE Hair Vitamins are revolutionary vegan Soft GumsTM with a natural blackcurrant taste.

Oase vegan hair vitamin bottles

Providing solutions to common problems

When Justin Regteschot told us the story behind Oase, you can easily identify why his brand has been the success it is. Having experience in the hair care and supplement department, he had a good idea of what people liked in products.

More than that, he discovered what they didn’t want.

oase hair vitamins with rigid boxes

After running another e-commerce store offering hair care products, he noticed that most people were interested in dealing with their hair loss, dandruff and damaged hair. 

In their supplements department, there were also many issues. Customers mentioned capsules were too big, not vegan, or missing ingredients.


That inspired him to create Oase.

I wanted to make the perfect supplement that would eliminate all these problems."

The result: a revolutionary vegan supplement that provides all essential nutrients for healthier, longer and better-looking hair.

Learn more about how to get your own custom rigid boxes here.