Free up your storage from packaging

Store your boxes, bags and more in our warehouse and we'll restock you whenever and wherever you want.

Warehousing - an upgrade for your business

Store and track your packaging in our warehouse
We keep your packaging in temperature-controlled rooms and refill your inventory whenever you need more
Streamline your packaging production
Reduce production times by making large orders and storing the excess in our warehouse. We'll ship it to your destination when you're running low
Take advantage of bulk order discounts
Buy more, save more - the bigger purchase you make, the more you benefit from guaranteed savings

How this works

Our flexible warehousing service is at your fingertips. Take advantage - make a purchase and we'll pack & store your packaging at a fraction of the cost.


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Head to our shop & stock up on plain or customised packaging. Rest assured we’ve got just what your business needs.


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Pay at once or take advantage of our 6-installment scheme with 0% interest rate. Take control with no hidden costs & no upfront payment required.


Manage your stock

Running low? Your account manager will let you know. We instantly track your stock to provide you with a monthly inventory management service.

“We needed flexibility to redirect packaging to various sites across Europe and UK. Packhelps warehousing service enabled us to order at a larger scale with straightforward storage. ”

Aaron Koshy, COO at Planera

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