How Packhelp supported Kuyichi in introducing a more circular approach to packaging.

Kuyichi was interested in increasing the recyclability of their packaging.

Being a conscious fashion brand, Kuyichi strongly believes in avoiding overproduction across all aspects of their operations. Packaging is no exception to this principle. In their pursuit of circularity, Kuyichi has chosen paper as the optimal material for their packaging. Packhelp assisted them by providing paper mailers, aligning with company's commitment to increase recyclability of their packaging.


Switching to materials that can be disposed of correctly

Reduce unnecessary transport and have shorter lead times

EU-based production for EU work regulations in the factory

One mailer that can deliver a variety of order sizes

A mailer that can be utilised for return packages as well


Moved from compostable to FSC® certified mailers

Reduced CO2 emissions through local production in Poland

Visited the mailer supplier to see the working conditions

Paper mailer foldable for smaller packages

Double closure strip for returns

The challenge

Fast fashion promotes a culture of disposable clothing, where trends quickly come and go, encouraging consumers to buy more and discard items rapidly contributing to many global problems like pollution and labour exploitation. We already know that is not the way.

Started by NGO Solidaridad in 1998, fashion brand Kuyichi tries to break with unsustainable consumption patterns in the fashion industry through their responsibly produced clothes because products should always have a fair price for the consumer, the retailers, and the people who make them. No seasonal collection and no sales. Just timeless classics standing the test of time.

Finding the right partners

Kuyichi products are made from organic and recycled materials by people who are treated right. But there is more to clothes than just the fabrics. The whole supply chain is extended and complicated. That is why ensuring fair practices and transparency at every step of the way is so crucial for Kuyichi. 

By carefully selecting partners and suppliers who share their values, Kuyichi promotes continuous improvement in the industry, supporting and assisting partners in their journey towards better practices. It is not (only) about certificates. It is the mindset and common values. 

Kuyichi believes in leading by example, regardless of their scale. They maintain a transparent database of suppliers, proudly showcasing the hard work of those dedicated to transforming the fashion industry. Recognising that positive change starts with collaboration. ‘They deserve the spotlight as they’re the ones doing the hard work of improving this industry.

Packhelp enabled Kuyichi to leverage their customers' recycling expertise.

Paper solution

Packaging is a testament to Kuyichi’s values. Circular practices guide their packaging strategy, leading them to choose paper mailers. The reason behind this choice is simple yet powerful: paper recycling is well-organised, and people are familiar with the correct sorting methods. Additionally, the sturdiness of paper mailers allows for their reuse in the case of returns. This aligns with Kuyichi’s motto of “Use it only when it has a purpose!”

Kuyichi understands the importance of recyclability in materials. By opting for paper mailers, they leverage the inherent recyclability of paper products. The knowledge and efforts of individuals in correctly sorting and recycling paper waste play a vital role in this process. Through their conscious choice of paper packaging, Kuyichi tries to leverage what their consumers already know and use this knowledge to close the loop.




through local production in Poland



paper that is perfect for recycling



to match different sizes

About Kuyichi

Kuyichi is a conscious fashion brand committed to sustainable and ethical practices. With a strong emphasis on transparency, they prioritize using organic and recycled materials in their clothing. They strive to create a positive impact by ensuring fair treatment of workers and supporting responsible manufacturing processes. Through their commitment to circularity and thoughtful sourcing, Kuyichi aims to transform the fashion industry by promoting a more sustainable and socially responsible approach to clothing production.

If you want to learn more about Kuyichi and their approach to packaging, head over to the videocast we’ve recorded with them! 

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