Djuce: Crafting a greener wine experience with smart packaging

The concept for sustainably farmed, canned wine brand Djuce came from a long-standing desire to reimagine a beloved yet traditionally constrained product.

“We had been talking about it for several years actually. There was something very thrilling about trying to rethink wine – a product that is so loved and consumed, but still so heavily constrained by heritage and tradition" – says David the Co-founder and Creative Director of Djuice.


Showcase Djuce's beautiful cans.

Limit the amount of air, maximise packing space

Use sustainable packaging

Protect the cans in transit


Created a one-layer mailer box design

Fully-custom box designed with sizing based on the product’s cans

FSC-certification obtained and recyclable paper used

Created a custom grid system inside all boxes to support and protect the cans.

Djuce for the Planet

Djuce wanted to produce exceptional wine while also championing environmental preservation. Their solution? Shifting from using traditional glass bottles to aluminium cans. This seemingly small change allowed the brand to embrace environmental sustainability while inviting customers to try something unique that tastes (and looks) amazing.

Founders  David Dworsky, Philip Marthinsen, Victor Köhler and Pontus Lindqvist saw immense potential in making the wine experience more accessible, playful and sustainable. By choosing aluminium cans as their primary wine packaging, they’re reducing their packaging CO2 emissions by a staggering 79% when compared to emissions from traditionally used glass bottles. And, with their modern, visually-led approach and dedication to a more sustainable wine industry, Djuce has overcome initial scepticism to become an exciting example of how to imbibe better.

Packhelp’s Services in Use:

Product Assessment and Material Selection

Packaging engineers begin by evaluating the customer's product. This involves assessing the size, weight, fragility, and any other requirements so they can select materials that best suit the product's unique needs. For Djuce, a sturdy cardboard made from 4.5mm EB Flute for the outer box and a 2mm E Flute for the custom divider were selected.

Customised Construction

The packaging engineers design custom packaging that considers dimensions, structure, and any extra features like inserts or dividers needed to secure the product during transit. The thicker cardboard chosen for the outer packaging ensures the protection of the contents, while a custom divider grid securely supports the products within, guaranteeing successful delivery.

Packaging with Great Taste
At Djuce, the packaging is a crucial part of the brand experience. As customers shop online instead of at a brick-and-mortar store, the packaging has to replace the role of the physical shop. Their boxes communicate Djuce’s values, inviting customers to join their vibrant community of wine lovers, while also expanding brand messaging that doesn’t fit on the cans. Hidden messages under the cans create intrigue, while the cans themselves feature contemporary art from creatives around the world for an extra bold unboxing experience that’s evident in every detail.

Working closely with Packhelp, a one-level box was created that took into consideration the specific can sizes and weights, as well as different quantities of cans. The sturdy mailer box was selected as a base for the packaging with special inserts designed to secure the cans and protect them during transit. They also designed a four-can gift pack with a handle that delivers the equivalent of a bottle of wine in a recyclable, ready-to-go format that switches up the traditional way of “bringing a bottle”.

Key Learnings
Being a startup in a complex industry, Djuce encountered many challenges inherent to the wine market, such as navigating legal and regulatory hurdles and overcoming scepticism. Thankfully, the receptiveness of both wineries and customers is shifting over time, so they anticipate changes in their future packaging as the business grows, like diverse can sizes and new retail packs for broader distribution – all in line with their pursuit of creative innovation, sustainability, and seriously good wine, of course.

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