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Xlash España made the switch to sustainable packaging and reduced its annual packaging spend by 16%with Packhelp

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Eco-friendly solution

Good value for money

Exclusive unboxing experience

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Elimination of plastics in their packaging

Optimisation of costs by 16%

Premium-looking packaging

Meet Xlash España

A beauty revolution

Xlash Cosmetics was born in Sweden in 2011 and just two years later they expanded into the Spanish market with Xlash España. With its innovative product, a serum that stimulates the growth of eyelashes, it has become a leading brand in the international cosmetics market, operating in over 30 countries.

The key to its success? A product that respects both the body and environment. Xlash products are formulated with natural ingredients and scientifically proven results. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

The serum is an exclusive product and, for this reason, Xlash wanted packaging to match –  a solution that would make the product stand out and guarantee shipping security, without losing sight of sustainability.

Xlash Cosmetics products
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Natural 380gsm corrugated cardboard and a full-colour internal layer of 190gsm cardboard.
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Inner side flaps, tamper-evident sealing tabs and peel-and-seal adhesive strip.
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High-quality offset printing in CMYK.
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Xlash provided Packhelp with specific design requirements and measurements. They wanted the complete unboxing experience, inside and out. 

Initially, Xlash asked Packhelp for an e-commerce delivery box with flexographic printing and an adhesive strip. 

The Packhelp team, however, advised that they instead opt for a full-colour mailer box tailored to e-commerce shipping, including an adhesive strip and tamper-evident sealing tabs.

This solution also allowed for offset printing. It meant that they could print at high volumes and keep costs down while achieving the highest quality results in CMYK. 

To replace the binding qualities of plastic wrap, the box’s structure was reinforced with two-layer protection: a 380gsm corrugated cardboard outer and a 190gsm laminated inner layer. 

The cardboard is made from a mix of 90% recycled and 10% certified pulp. The whole box is 100% recyclable.

On the outside, Xlash’s customers are presented with a minimalist look of natural cardboard – the lack of branding also helps to deter theft during transit.

But once they tear away the seal, they are presented with a burst of colour. Custom tissue paper was also added to cap off the unboxing experience.

Custom mailer boxes for Xlash España Xlash

Xlash streamlined their packaging supply chain and cut costs by 16%

The packaging solution was just the start.

Xlash was given the option of signing a long-term Packhelp Plan, which included five different order and payment options.

They opted for a subscription plan, which allowed them to lock in a discounted unit price for the whole year, as well as supply and cashflow security with it. 

The plan also helped to automate the ordering process. Xlash does not need to adjust and confirm each order every month –  nor repeat the whole design process each time. 

The company places one large order for the year that is subdivided across 12 months. Like clockwork, Xlash’s packaging inventory is replenished every month with a pre-defined order quantity. But if they hit a sales rush, they can always request an upgraded order.

It makes for a flexible and seamless ordering process. 

Plus, Xlash managed to reduce their annual packaging costs by 16%.



cost reduction

with an annual contract that includes benefits such as volume discounts and flexible payment terms.


truly unique design

tailored to Xlash’s brand and product, culminating in the ultimate unboxing experience that didn’t cost the environment.


recyclable solution

No plastic was used. Instead, the cardboard was made from 90% recycled and 10% certified pulp, reinforcing Xlash's eco mission.

About Xlash España

Xlash España was born in 2013, backed by the success of its parent company, Xlash Cosmetics.

With average annual growth of 70% and more than 50,000 satisfied clients, Xlash has revolutionized the Spanish cosmetics sector thanks to their array of innovative products. 

They have a large range dedicated to the care of eyelashes and eyebrows, but their star product is their eyelash growth serum. Xlash products are formulated with natural ingredients and scientifically proven results. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

They continue to expand their market share across all sales channels, with always an eye on sustainability.

Xlash Cosmetics products

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