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The supplements market is booming worldwide, with estimations that the global worth of the market by 2027 will surpass $230 billion dollars. It’s no surprise that a small business – like Vitamom – grows and finds its own space to exist.

For Kiki, Vitamom’s founder, the decision to establish a business occurred to her during pregnancy. As she explained to Packhelp:

“I founded Vitamom because during my pregnancy I couldn't find a supplement brand which basically fit my perception of being pregnant and carrying new life. The (new) mom should be the best version of herself in any way before, during and after pregnancy. It can be such a magical time and feeling well, energized and healthy is a big part of that.”

Now, Kiki’s beautiful son River is 16 months old.

Kiki from Vitamom: ‘Sink or swim’

When she first started her research, Kiki pictured Vitamom as a healthy, balanced alternative to cheaper products available in supermarkets. She based her production in The Netherlands where she lives and took care of all necessary standards.

packhelp custom packaging for vitamom

“Our products are suitable for vegetarians, all HACCP certified and manufactured in The Netherlands. We only offer products with safe, effective ingredients that meet our extremely high safety standards. Our manufacturing practices follow strict quality guidelines and we disclose every ingredient used in our products.”

Pregnancy helped her understand the emotions of her customer base, and adapt Vitamom’s offer accordingly.

“For me, it's a perfect fit in this time in my life since I'm basically my own target audience and can so much relate with my customers; their fears, insecurities but also what's really important to them and the pregnancy 'Bliss'. Our products are a result of that.”

And as many one-man bands, Kiki too worked in a bigger company before. Kiki used to be a Global Sales Director for an online company. “During my own pregnancy I started focussing more and more on my health and couldn't find a supplement brand I could identify with,” she admits.

Over time, she felt tired of the corporate world too. “So at one point, I thought, let's do it! Sink or swim. It's something I’m very passionate about.” That was the moment when she decided to follow her gut and work on a niche she became interested in.

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Vitamom’s packaging and branding

custom branded box vitamom

According to Kiki, Vitamom's brand mood could be described as sweet and dreamy – just like she remembers her days of being pregnant. This had an impact on the packaging design too, as well as the whole branding of Vitamom.

Vitamom pills are stored in plastic bottles, but they’re shipped in eco-friendly boxes, made from corrugated cardboard. Despite a simple design, their boxes look spectacular on social media. Vitamom nails minimalism and beautifully incorporates packaging into the content she shares.

Kiki also mentioned that the goal of Vitamom is to empower mothers and help them find a healthy product online.

That’s why she grows her social media presence too.

“For me, Vitamom is a community and a feeling. I wanted the 'Mom' to be the star and make her feel like she's seen – because I see her! So that's why I wanted to speak to her through the packaging already. Next to that, it's sweet and dreamy – how I felt during my pregnancy.”

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