Slow fashion & sustainable packaging: LIBÉRRIMO


Is there a limit to creativity?

This slow fashion brand proves that sustainability and ethical manufacturing are more freeing than restrictive.

Libérrimo is a Spanish eco-conscious clothing brand that celebrates people and their differences.

They express this interest by experimenting with textiles and colours, questioning the fashion status quo. Their designs are a play on volume, textures, movement, and stylistic influences.

The brand’s mission is to offer a fresh outlook on the world of fashion, what it means to be beautiful, and how to break the bank without breaking the environment.

They needed packaging that would compliment, not outshine, their vision.

liberrimo clothing on hangers

Responsible fashion, always in style

Libertad Castellano, the founder and creative mind behind Libérrimo (“very free” in Spanish), advocates for inclusivity, freedom and independence when it comes to beauty. Thanks to her signature ruching system, the designs fit all shapes and sizes like a glove.

The brand’s mission stems from the respect for people’s bodies and choices - and what follows is a strong dedication to responsible practices at every stage of production and distribution.

“Our mission is centred on a deep respect for people and our environment. A real commitment to sustainability to safeguard the health of people and the global ecosystem. We respect the planet in each of our production processes, always seeking the minimum impact on the environment.”

ethical fashion packaging

Libérrimo was created in 2019 as a slow fashion project.

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a movement advocating for responsible business practices, reducing environmental harm and making moral choices. Every item is carefully sourced, ethically produced and sustainably distributed.

Libérrimo is a company dedicated to these values, rejecting the adverse effects of fast fashion.

The brand aims to meet some of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the 2030 Agenda), such as gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reducing inequalities, responsible production and consumption, and climate action.

They operate from a small workshop in Gran Canaria, keeping away from mass production. They also opt for sustainable materials, both for their clothing products and packaging.

This philosophy makes their products that much more special.

Staying bold, open and free

Integrity and courage became the main inspiration for Libérrimo. Their clothing and accessories are expressions of true individuality, bursting with colour and accentuating the body in the most innovative ways.

unique fashion design

Their products need to stay high quality and durable, and after a long life in the customer’s hands, they can be reused and recycled.

But how to achieve this while nursing creativity?

Contrary to what you might think, Libérrimo’s mission statement is not an obstacle but a fuel for their collections.  

The responsible sourcing of materials and inclusive approach keep the creative juices flowing, inspiring the designer, Libertad, to bend the rules of what we call “everyday wear”. 

She uses certified sustainable materials and ecological textiles such as OEKO-TEX, ISO 14001, and Global Recycled Standard. This way, the designer can be sure that Libérrimo's clothing and accessories are made from ethically sourced, high-quality fabrics.

These certifications also support the company's goal to reduce waste and CO2 emissions, promote fair trade and respect human rights.

Slow fashion requires extra care when it comes to packaging; it needs to adhere to the brand’s eco-conscious and ethical mindset. This is where Packhelp comes in.

Values reflected in custom packaging

The company needed fashion packaging that would be minimal, biodegradable and durable, but also distinct and eye-catching.

That’s why Libertad decided to work with Packhelp.

Libérrimo’s packaging consists of 3 customised elements: Poly Mailer Bag, Eco Mailer Box and Packing Paper.

custom packing paper, mailer box, poly mailer bag
Aqui comienza nuestra historia. - Here begins our history.

While all of these items are biodegradable, some are also compostable, plastic-free, made from recycled content and FSC®-certified. The rustic, natural feel of the material next to the enigmatic, wavy pattern on top, make for a memorable unboxing experience.

The inside of the box reveals a special design reflecting the brand's main focus: people and their individual styles. It's a free piece of alternative art that comes with every order.

Libérrimo’s artistic and responsible approach to fashion shines through the packaging.

The custom print is creative and extravagant, while the black-on-kraft and black-on-white colour scheme looks and feels eco-friendly.

swimwear in packing paper

Here's what Libertad Castellano had to say about working with Packhelp:

We chose Packhelp because of the large number of products that are recycled. Everything is clearly explained and the online design tool is super simple to navigate. When I received my order, the quality exceeded expectations.

The packaging's role is fulfilled - it enhances the happy feeling Libérrimo’s customers get when they receive their order.

The interest in slow fashion

In the age of mass production and consumption, unique clothing items created with real passion have become more valuable than ever.

Libérrimo not only spreads the word about inclusivity and sustainability but also makes designs and uses packaging that adhere to these values.

What are some of the things your brand can do to become more sustainable?

  • Conduct material audits and consider substituting some of your materials.
  • Remove all unnecessary additives in your design, packaging and any other area of business.
  • Obtain third-party certifications for your products and packaging.
  • Get packaging in just the right size for your products.

Because everyone deserves representation. Nature, too.

Learn more about how to make your fashion brand more sustainable.