Branded paper bags for eco fashion: Brahmaki


Wellness has never looked this good.

Read the story about Brahmaki, a loving, caring and conscious brand, creating lifestyle products for the free-spirited souls.

couple wearing brahmaki kaftans in the desert

A Brand Transforming Lifestyles

A love for both the planet and people awoke the need for Jesper and Jenny, founders of Brahmaki, to create a clothing alternative that was eco-conscious and represented their sense of style.

The two define themselves as lovers of life and wanted to create a brand that reflected just that.

Being in touch with their inner chakras, Jesper and Jenny began sewing their own clothes as a way to appreciate the resources our planet has to offer. According to them, life is not about the things you can buy, but about experiences and being connected to the world in a more metaphysical way.

Therefore, around 2015, their clothes were noticed by others, and this eventually led to the creation of their own brand - Brahmaki. Jenny and Jesper state that,

We have our own point of view when it comes on what to wear.

brahmaki tag on top of clothes

Comfy, Cosy, and Heavenly Garments

People started having a soft spot for the calmness and comfort of this lifestyle, and what would be a better way to display it than through astounding fashion.

Brahmaki’s clothing is designed in Stockholm, Sweden, and handmade in Jaipur, India. Every single piece of clothing is intricately made, expressing love in every single cut and stitch.

Jenny and Jesper also strive to reflect their conscious love for the planet by only using eco-friendly materials in their clothing. Their signature kaftans are made of viscose materials, like cashmere and modal, made from natural fibres and rest materials to reduce waste.

We work with limited editions and only produce as many garments as we sell. We make patchwork products from rest materials and use natural fibres, and are outsourcing more eco-friendly threads as we progress and grow.

kraft paper bags for e-commerce designed by brahmaki

Eco Packaging for an Eco Brand

Brahmaki wants to share its love for the planet in every single detail. By sourcing patchwork materials and promoting a more eco-friendly use of their clothes - like air-drying instead of frequent washing-machine treatment - Jenny and Jesper encourage their customers to take care of the environment.

This sustainable strategy includes the choice of eco packaging as well. The idea of sustainable packaging is becoming a necessity for modern brands, especially if you want to have loyal customers. Shoppers are developing a preference for brands that not only express their care for the environment but show it in their operations too.

Therefore, Brahmaki approached Packhelp to find a fitting type of packaging that would fit their organic look.

Thanks to small batches of 30 pieces, Brahmaki could see if Eco Mailer Boxes met the brand's requirements. Made of 90% recycled corrugated cardboard and eco-friendly ink, this kind of eco packaging was ideal for a brand trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

"We want to use eco-friendly boxes made from recycled materials. We also want to give our costumers a luxurious and well-designed unboxing experience, as well as something that can be reused for storage or as a gift box to someone else."

kraft cardboard box for brahmaki

In order to build that kind of luxury unboxing experience, the founders of Brahmaki completed the set with recycled paper bags.

Brahmaki’s packaging displays a minimalist design, with their statement logo and slogan on top of the box and pattern prints on the sides that resemble their relaxed and elegant culture. That design is printed on the paper bags as well, creating one, consistent look.

It’s effortlessly beautiful and naturally creates an amusing unboxing experience.

brahmaki clothing brand uses paper bags and cardboard boxes

Sustainability Is More Than Just A Trend

Since its conception, Brahmaki has evolved into more than a brand that sells free-spirited clothes, but into an entire lifestyle.

Jesper and Jenny want to share their way of life with humanity, and as they say “spread the love”.

“There is no room left for unconscious behaviour and ego-centrical people. We think that the world is in desperate need of personal companies that care about their clients and the well-fare of the world”.

Currently, they offer their characteristic comfy and cosy clothing as well as other accessories and now teach yoga and breathing classes. Brahmaki has managed to become a well rounded loving brand that strives to give its customers the best possible experience from the moment they open their box, to how to they live their lives.

How Brahmaki benefitted from their packaging choice?

  • Eco packaging helped to create an immersive experience with the brand
  • The small amount available at Packhelp allowed the company to try several products before committing to a bigger purchase

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