Full color mailer boxes: ZOJO Beauty Elixirs


Staying healthy isn’t easy nowadays. With all of the stress and a shaky work-life balance, we often forget about providing the right fuel to our body.

A Polish brand ZOJO Beauty Elixirs has an answer for that. The company produces vegan supplements for women, which are delivered to customers in Packhelp’s Full Color Mailer Boxes.

closed packaging of zojo beauty

ZOJO Beauty Elixirs - happy skin, good health

ZOJO Beauty Elixirs is a brand that produces all-natural, mostly vegan diet supplements for women. These products can be added to veggie cocktails, desserts or oatmeal. ZOJO shares lots of cool recipes and ideas on its Instagram and website too, helping the customers to naturally include the supplements in an everyday diet.

The ingredients used by ZOJO Beauty Elixirs include super foods, adaptogens, pearl extracts and the so-called gold milk.

“We take great care in choosing our ingredients. All of them come from sustainable farming and are processed in the way to keep all their vital essences. Our product helps to stay fit and slim, keep skin happy and a well-balanced diet.”

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Marta Ravensdale, the founder of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs, explained that after analyzing her own experiences, she saw a sweet spot in the beauty market. Constantly on the hop, Marta was caught up between responsibilities at work an at home. She didn’t have enough time to be happy on her own too.

“I was always in a rush. There was no time for me to take care of myself. I felt the consequences of this pressure and stress on my skin - it felt dry, unhappy. I had to take care of my private life as a mother too, and at the same time, be focused at work at all times. It’s been overwhelming and I needed a change.”

That’s why ZOJO was developed with women in mind. Their needs became a priority.

The supplements were designed to help women feel happier and more vital on a daily basis. As Marta explained, the supplements offered in the market were based on artificial ingredients, they didn’t taste well and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience overall. By establishing ZOJO and doing in-depth research, she came up with a sustainable, all-natural product.

“Zojogirls are mothers, super-focused businesswomen or carefree girls - all beautiful but in need for more time for themselves. My mission is to give them strength in their never-ending pursuit of a happy life.”

product line of zojo beauty elixirs

Packaging & branding of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs

Beauty products are often examples of killer branding. Marta’s brand is no different. Apart from the high-quality product, it also pops with a super-appealing look.

The packaging of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs includes several types of boxes, all designed with three colours only - white, black and red. The contrasting, powerful colours work well with ZOJO’s philosophy of empowering women too.

Each product is packed in a small, black-and-white Product Box, which ideally fits a jar with supplements. When a customer orders more than one product, they are packed in a Full Color Mailer Box. Each box is filled with dark wood wool and red, mouth-shaped cut-outs.

In that way, the products look astonishing upon arrival and are secured in shipping.

packaging of zojo beauty elixirs

The packaging of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs looks cool on the outside too.

A text “Who are you, darling?” is printed on top of each box. It addresses the customer directly and perfectly matches a minimalist graphic that shows a woman with a glorious hairline. This design ensures that each customer feels special and knows she joined the group of Zojogirls - a product designed for every woman.

“I have spent a lot of time mastering these products and turning them into something for both body and soul. The packaging of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs was supposed to reflect that. I love this design, it’s extravagant, lively and very feminine.”

Packaging of Zojo Mailer Boxes

Packaging of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs that represents the brand’s values

Marta’s packaging design captures the essence of her products. ZOJO Beauty Elixirs is all about beauty and liveliness, and that’s exactly the vibe of the packaging too.