Food Packaging: Breakfast en Bread


Born of a popular brunch restaurant in London’s East End, Breakfast en Bread has taken on a life of its own. They've teamed up with Packhelp for their great-looking new food packaging.

Breakfast Food Packaging

The Story

When the pandemic caused the temporary closure of Hackney institution The Barge Housepartners Debbie and Fred needed a new way to get their signature dish into the nation's mouths. 

Before discovering Packhelp for their food packaging, Breakfast en Bread sent out deliveries using regular cardboard boxes with brand stickers. However, the quality wasn’t quite what they needed.

“I spent hours researching branded box suppliers, and none of them came close to Packhelp for quality, convenience and affordability.” 

Eventually, they teamed up with Packhelp. Where they could make sure their mouthwatering dishes that were baked at home get delivered, fresh and tasty, to hungry brunchers all over the UK. 

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Breakfast en Bread Socks

The Food 

Breakfast en Bread started its life as the signature dish on the menu at The Barge House in London's cool East End.

For the original option, they start with a hollowed-out, freshly baked sourdough bread. Fill it with locally sourced bacon and sausage. Throw in some tasty slow-cooked veg and a sprinkle of cheese, and top it off with a free-range egg—definitely one hell of a breakfast. 

Demand for this to-die-for brunch favourite is high. Orders are usually taken for delivery the next day or in advance of the weekend, to soak up the hangovers.

The food can be simply heated in the oven at home for 20 minutes. Meaning customers have the next best thing to be dining in The Barge house itself.

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Food Packaging

Breakfast en Bread needed to get their tasty bread loaves into the hungry mouths of the UK. So they needed to design food packaging that would both look good and protect the food in transit.   

Company Operations Director, Darren, used Packhelp's easy-to-use online editor to design the company's own custom packaging. Making sure their box design did everything it needed to.  

“The ability to design our box ourselves, incredibly quickly and easily, and with the aid of great tech tools and funky visuals, that was the main draw to Packhelp.”

Breakfast en Bread ordered double-walled, custom-designed mailer boxes from Packhelp. Where they used the online editor to add their branding themselves. 

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Breakfast en Bread custom packaging

With regular deliveries going out each day around the country, Breakfast en Bread now have the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing their tasty brunches will arrive in one piece.

“Packhelp produce handsome, strong and sturdy boxes from high quality and sustainable cardboard, which is essential to ensure the deliveries arrive still looking fantastic and with all contents safe and intact.”

Choosing Packhelp to fulfil their food packaging needs also complements Breakfast en Bread’s moral standing. There are vegan and vegetarian options available. The company also prides itself on using only the best, locally or ethically sourced ingredients: from free-range butchers to free-range eggs. 

Packhelp’s eco cardboard, which is recyclable and sustainable, reflects these ethics perfectly. 

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Breakfast en Bread logo packaging

Gift Boxes

Breakfast en Bread are further supporting local suppliers by introducing gift boxes, which can be ordered from their website. 

The gift boxes match Breakfast en Bread loaves, with the products of locals suppliers.

‘The ‘Hackney Hopster’ includes beers from the local London Fields brewery. Whereas the ‘Bloody Hell Mary Box’ pairs perfectly with London vodka distillers, Sapling Vodka, who plant a tree for every vodka bottle sold. Not unlike Packhelp’s own tree-planting initiative. 

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Breakfast en Bread Gift Box

What’s next?

The sky's the limit for this trendy London brunch company. They’re proving that a bit of innovation in distribution can help to weather the storm of even a pandemic. 

Here’s hoping we see much more of these stomach-busting breakfast specialities arriving at our doors.