Eco-Friendly Packaging: Vegan Bunny


The term vegan is well known. Your mind has probably already jumped to meat-free sausages and tofu. But it’s in the non-foodie parts of veganism that grey areas lie. Cue Vegan Bunny's search for eco-friendly packaging.

Being vegan encompasses more than just the food a person chooses to eat. For instance, have you ever wondered whether or not, candles are vegan? 

Vegan Bunny Packaging e candele

This was exactly the kind of issue facing Elisa, the founder of Vegan Bunny when she started the company in 2017. Elisa wanted to create a company that was wholly vegan and sustainable- from top to bottom. 

“Vegan Bunny was inspired by the love for animals and the planet, but also from the idea of creating a product that can be an inspiration to a kinder world.” 

The move to eco-friendly candles

Vegan Bunny began producing scented candles that contain only naturally sourced ingredients. So it was ‘none of your beeswax!’ in a literal sense. 

Vegan Bunny ditched stearic acid (a fatty substance usually produced from animals). As well as beeswax, which is taken from bees. Both of which are often used in the production of candles. Instead, they used plant-based waxes and essential oils.

Creating a friendlier, much more environmentally conscious product. 

Vegan Bunny’s creativity certainly isn’t hampered by their will to be sustainable either. They produce unique flavoured candles like Chai latte and Pumpkin pie, that both look and smell great. 

Not to mention their yummy Vegan Bakery candle selection, some of which give off the aroma of Hot Cross buns or Cinnamon swirls.

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Eco-Friendly packaging for an eco-friendly company

For Vegan Bunny, every aspect of production has to be ethical. All of their products are plastic-free and make a statement about sustainability. For Elisa, the packaging and means of production have to be as sustainable as the products themselves. 

That's why she turned to Packhelp when it came to sending out Vegan Bunny’s first orders. 

“I dreamed of having printed packaging to surprise customers with nicely packed orders. As soon as I found Packhelp, my mind was hooked. The quality and aesthetics of their products are outstanding. As we grew, Packhelp was our go-to.” 

Vegan Bunny small mailer box

Elisa wanted packaging that reflected the company’s values. A box that was not only sustainable, but that also looked great. 

For Vegan Bunny’s packaging, Elisa used Packhelp’s online editor to design e-commerce delivery boxes and small, kraft mailer boxes, perfect for storing candles. Sturdy enough to protect the goods, while being fully recyclable and made from recycled cardboard.

See how easy it is to design your own delivery boxes.

Vegan Bunny Delivery Box

Packhelp’s Kraft cardboard is popular with more nature-conscious companies. Kraft is packaging for the modern world. Professional, but in a minimalistic, more conscientious way. 

Vegan Bunny jazz up their delivery boxes with cute and catchy, white-print slogans. “Woo-hoo. It’s happy post time!”

Fun and friendly greetings, to spread the company’s positive-living vibe from the moment the customer receives the package.   

Vegan Bunny Delivery box with print

And Vegan Bunny isn’t stopping there. Elisa plans to collaborate with Packhelp further on the company’s packaging.

She hopes to design Vegan Bunny custom-tissue paper for preserved flower bouquets. Custom paper bags that will work great for market stall sales. and even Vegan Bunny custom packaging tape to seal up deliveries with a bit of extra flair.

All proving that your company’s packaging can both look great, and be eco-friendly.

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Green Initiatives for a brighter future

They have a common interest in eco-friendly packaging. However Vegan Bunny and Packhelp also have similar initiatives when it comes to supporting Mother Nature.

Vegan Bunny has teamed up with Tree-Nation to plant over 3000 trees in an effort to reverse carbon emissions. Similarly, Packhelp has planted over 3000 trees for the One Tree Planted initiative. 

We can’t wait to see what comes next from this nature-loving vegan candle company.