Eco Packaging for Organic Products: Kanclerski


Fashion trends often influence new products that blossom in the market. When mustaches and beards became a hit, many cosmetic brands worked on products dedicated to the facial hair fans. In this Inspiration, we present one of such small companies. Kanclerski is a newly established brand, which offers an all-natural balm for a beard. The rustic jars are sent to the clients in Packhelp's Eco Mailer Boxes.

opakowania kartonowe z nadrukiem

Cosmetics with a soul

Cosmetic goods are shifting towards using less chemistry. Why?

Well, more customers dig deep into the ingredients and become aware of the detrimental impact of some chemical additions. This creates a unique opportunity for small, craft companies like Kanclerski to find their niche in the vast market.

Łukasz Kanclerski, the founder of the brand, has designed his first balm based on natural ingredients and a special recipe of his own making. His brand image is influenced by rustic inspirations, which were gorgeously weaved into the Autumn sets during the photoshoot. The energy from the images is truly contagious!

pudełko fasonowe F33

The Eco Mailer Boxes fit the organic minimalism of Kanclerski. Thanks to the longitudinal shape of the F33 size, they provide a ridiculously charming product exposition.

Łukasz has put an emphasis on the branding part as well. The top wall of each of the boxes exhibits the company's logo, while the extension of that wall is printed with a text "Welcome to the world of cosmetics with a soul". These boxes represent a very thoughtful approach for a fresh brand - a lot of attention is paid to the logo and the branding elements, but these do not jeopardize the minimalistic concept of the packaging.

The online editor was one of the features that convinced Łukasz to work with Packhelp.

" I have found Packhelp online while looking for small cardboard boxes for my company. I have flicked through plenty of options, but Packhelp's editor has attracted my attention. I could try my graphic designer skills! I have used it to create my boxes."


custom food packaging

opakowania kartonowe

Many companies use cardboard packaging in their business models. From what we've learned, Kanclerski's development will include more packaging designs. The brand sells two sizes of the balm as well as t-shirts with prints referring to the "bearded lifestyle". What's the future of the brand going to be?

"My plans for development are simply adding more cosmetic goods for men. However, I don't want to spoil all the fun, so I'll keep the details for myself."