Packaging for subscription boxes: Stars & Sage


Stars & Sage is a monthly subscription box, which nurtures its subscribers with a set of cosmetics. All of the products offered by the company are selected from the best producers only - it’s a monthly portion of cosmetic goods made from organic ingredients, all to create a unique bathing experience. The kit is packed in Eco Mailer Boxes, ornamented with a lovely, dark imprint.

stars & sage eco mailer box

Subscription boxes are one of the most interesting trends in e-commerce. A particularly vibrant branch of that e-commerce market is cosmetics. Many companies provide their customers with a bunch of cosmetic products, usually the new offerings from the industry. Stars & Sage, although it belongs to the cosmetics sector, finds a way to stand out from the crowd. A perfect combination of scents and high-quality ingredients, which together create an unusual bath experience. This is the essence of the British service Stars & Sage.

“Stars & Sage is more than just a regular subscription box. We think of it as a monthly bath ritual kit, a set of inspiring and holistic selection of goods. We take good care to include products that produced ethically and mindfully.”


Many subscription services use cardboard boxes as their product packaging. They are light (which decreases the additional costs of delivery), durable, as well as allow great branding. Stars & Sage used our Eco Mailer Boxes to pack their goods. To boost the exposure of the items inside the box, each one of them is placed on brown fillers.

Natural carton is often a choice for brands, which emphasize the organic aspect of their product. The black imprint on top of each box is the memorable logo of the company, with dots scattered around it to fill the empty space. It’s a detailed design, but one that praises an artistic approach towards packaging.

As a result, Stars & Sage gives its customers an entire experience. The package, which arrives at the doorstep every month, is an invitation to a healthy ritual. A ritual, which wouldn’t be the same without the nature-inspired, genuine Eco Mailer Boxes.