Subscription box packaging: Lemonade Box


Do you know the saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”? Its meaning is to see positivity even under unfavourable circumstances.

Thanks to Lemonade Box, your positivity is bound to rise.

Mental and physical well-being should a priority for everyone. But as it happens, life gets in the way and we tend to let ourselves go. Especially in times as difficult as the coronavirus era.

But the UK brand Lemonade Box has come to the rescue. It is a monthly self-care subscription box service that delivers 5-6 products right to your doorstep. It’s the perfect solution for busy people that need a raincheck to de-stress and calm their minds.

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Established in 2019 with love from the UK

Founded by Kyra and Priya, Lemonade Box was born in 2019 with the idea to make self-care easy and accessible for women across the globe.

lemonade box full color mailer box

“To be honest, self-care hasn’t always been a top priority for ourselves. Other commitments always seemingly get in the way. Self-care has so many benefits that allow us to live happier lives and be able to live to our fullest potential”, say Kyra and Priya.

Their subscription box niche also required extensive research. They found that most companies out there focus on taking care of the body, but not so much of people’s mental wellbeing.

After much trial and error, they found different methods to focus on both sides of wellbeing; mind and body.

That’s where Lemonade Box comes in.

“We strongly believe in the positive benefits of self-care and we have built up a strong community of women who have put their wellbeing as a priority”.

Lemonade Box - a subscription box for the soul

lemonade box custom packaging

Packaging is an integral part of Lemonade Box. Kyra and Priya chose a Full Color Mailer Box from Packhelp to bring their self-care dream to life. Everything in their branding and design was consistent with Lemonade Box’s style. And people love it.

“Most of our subscribers love us because it’s not a mass-produced box. From the custom-designed packaging to the carefully curated products, it has a personal feeling that our customers love. They trust and have faith in our project”.

The artwork printed on these subscription boxes is based on eye-catching typography mostly. A big logo “Lemonade Box” is printed on top of the box. The colours used in the artwork range from white to pink and burgundy. Therefore, the design is light and fresh and perfectly adheres to the values of Lemonade Box.

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