Designing your own shoe boxes: Lola Cruz


Maria Jesús Gozalvo is a creative mind that inherited his father’s passion for the world of shoemaking.

And just as the saying goes, no dreamer is too small and no dream is too big. So in 2004, Maria Jesús launched LOLA CRUZ.

Her inspiration was drawn by every single woman she knew and admired and shaped her first collection. The results were 30 pairs of shoes, each one designed for every one of these strong and hard-working women.

Recently, the brand underwent a corporate rebranding, and they chose Packhelp to be a part of this journey.

shoeboxes from packhelp for lola cruz

What’s the unique value in the shoes from LOLA CRUZ?

Marta: The goal of María Jesús  is to offer versatile shoe options for women to wear on their day to day lives and different situations.

These are shoes that work to go around the city, out dancing and even to attend a business meeting.S.

In addition, María Jesús goes over every design meticulously.

“I never place a shoe for sale in our store I haven’t tried it first”.

How do you use packaging in your business? Do you think it has helped you with brand awareness?

Marta: That’s for sure! We use it to add an extra touch to our online sales. We’re also very conscious of sustainability, and wish to mail our products in the most responsible way possible.

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shoeboxes for lola cruz

What was your strategy when it came to designing your packaging?

Marta: At first we struggled a bit to agree with box sizes. Each shoe size requires different box dimensions, but in the end, we opted for 2 boxes where most of our shoes fit.

In terms of design, we wanted something clean and powerful to help kick off our new branding campaign. We wanted to project a clear and strong image of our brand.

This is how we got to Packhelp. You guys provided us with every solution we were looking for packaging wise, like sizes and quality kraft.

cusom shoeboxes packaging for lola cruz

What marketing tools do you use in your day to day activities?

Marta: Digital marketing is a very big thing for us, so we try to stay active in that sector.

What are the future plans for LOLA CRUZ? 

Marta: Our future plans are focused on optimizing our online shop. It’s also the most eco-friendly business model, so we’re excited about it.

In fact, we’ve been implementing several marketing campaigns targeting sustainability right now.

Packaging will also play a very important role in our future projects.

Plus, as we’ve mentioned, Packhelp shoeboxes fit our new brand image perfectly and they’re the most sustainable choice we could have found.

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