Jewellery Packaging: Royal Way


Royal Way is a Portuguese brand selling simple, dainty and elegant jewellery.

This exemplary brand has chosen packaging that gives prominence to each piece in their collection so they shine in their own light.

On this new story, we'll tell you a little more about Royal Way's history in a few lines.

A brand founded with a clear vision

Luísa Ferreira dos Santos is the founder of Royal Way. She had a clear goal right from the beginning; Luisa wanted to create a line of jewellery especially for young girls. Each piece in her collection is exclusive, elegant and with very feminine details.

Luísa started out by creating jewellery for her friends. She later began to offer her items at more well-known people and people around her. The project grew little by little until, finally, she was able to launch her own brand.

custom jewellery boxes for royal way

Jewellery has always been Luísa's passion. Being able to see her designs materialize and also offer them to new clients has been a dream come true.

At Packhelp, Luisa found the perfect jewellery boxes in different sizes and with unique finishes. Following her brand image, she opted to create a minimalist design with the brand's pastel colours.

If, on the other hand, you prefer packaging with striking lines, you can opt for our 

The magic behind the jewellery world is that there are no strict guidelines. You can make your branded packaging as creative as you wish. You can even opt for boxes with premium finishes (such as gloss or matte).

If you need more inspiration on how to create your own personalised jewellery boxes, check out the stories of other Packhelp brands like Concrete Jungle and Sheyn and how they have brought their project ideas to life. 

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