Custom paper cans: The Studio Halbuki Story


Studio Halbuki is a multidisciplinary creative studio born and based in the heart of London. This incredible brand works towards one mission; to blur the line between art and craft.

If you’re curious to learn more about what their consists of, as well as the unique packaging used for their products, you cannot miss this story.

custom paper can for studio halbuki

The essence of Studio Halbuki

Studio Halbuki is curious. the project is based on the fundamental values ​​such as continuous learning, diversity and collaboration.
It all started when Melis decided to embrace and unite all of her passions and interests, and create something out of them.

Melis knew that focusing only on art, the field she specialised in, would not be enough. Her thirst for learning new things needed to go beyond creativity and art.

So Melis challenged the social norm of having to specialise in one field and founded Studio Halbuki. This is the project that allows her to practice art in all its forms.

Now Studio Halbuki offers a range of unique products including jewellery, prints, stickers, and their most popular, gloves.

Exceptional packaging for an extraordinary brand

Ever since Melis began making products that stood out from others on the market, she knew she needed packaging that would only step up the game. With such unique items, the packaging had to be next level.

Melis also thought about the sustainable aspects of her choice of packaging for Studio Halbuki. She wanted it to be something cool, but also practical and unwasteful.

In addition to that, this creative entrepreneur also identified the marketing benefits that come from custom packaging.

“I wanted packaging that could be used in my photography for the store. I knew my products would look even better showcased in custom packaging and customers would see it”.

She decided to focus on the two most popular items in Studio Halbuki when designing the packaging: jewellery and handmade gloves.

tube packaging from packhelp

Both customers who buy rings and those who buy gloves receive the item in a Paper Can from Packhelp. Melis also makes sure her items are packed nicely and creates an unboxing experience for her customers.

“In the case of the rings, I fill the empty space with shredded paper and, in the case of the gloves, I introduce them perfectly rolled up in the cylinder.

studio halbuki jewellery in a packhelp paper can

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From the start, Melis wanted unique packaging for her products. She wasn’t keen on using jewellery boxes to present her creations.

She came up with the idea of using a cylindrical container so that customers could be able to reuse the packaging, for example, to store things at home. Studio Halbuki needed packaging that looked good and was also durable and sustainable. At Packhelp, Melis found exactly what she needed.

Packaging design that tells a story

When approaching the packaging design of Studio Halbuki, Melis decided to focus on the mission of the brand. That idea is to embrace diversity and to empower each other on being different.

marina from studio halbuki and paper cans

And the team used the design on their paper cans to show just that, diversity. The design made in collaboration with other artists whom they admire.

“We wanted to create a symbolic design that reflects decisive moments in our project, our roots and our vision as a company. When you put the pieces together, the story of Studio Halbuki is there”.

When it comes to the future, Studio Halbuki aims to keep creating new collections in collaboration with other artists. This extends to new limited edition products that will be showcased in their own new packaging designs.

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