Sustainable boxes & ethical fashion: Mus Mus


Through conscious and sustainable choices, polish brand Mus Mus delivers great value to its customers small or big. Read the inspirational story of Anna Leszkiewicz’s brand and get to know the secrets on how to build a sustainable, coherent and one-of-a-kind brand.

Some of us daydream about proper, calm and childlike sleep. The day to day fast-paced lifestyle makes us forget one important thing - we need time to relax and rest.

We all understand the importance of sleep, but:

“I always sleep at least eight hours” - said no one ever.

Mus Mus poses a non-obvious question - do you sleep in clothes that support healthy sleeping habits?

founder of polish brand mus mus holding a box

Anna, Mus Mus founder, was working for a few years in an architectural design studio. It was a natural step after finishing her field of study. 

Later she realized it wouldn’t make her dreams come true.

Anna decided to follow the steps of many entrepreneurs, and decided to launch her own brand. She took care of production and design and her supportive husband became responsible for the financial side of their business. 

“I’m a certified architect so I’ve worked a few years in design studios, but it wasn’t it. My work quickly became a boring day to day routine. When my daughter was born I decided not to come back to work. I wanted to create something that was mine. Together with my friend, I’ve produced a collection of pyjamas and bed linens for children.” Anna Leszkiewicz, Mus Mus

pile of white boxes placed on buckle shoes

What exactly does Mus Mus have to offer?

Healthy sleeping habits not only include time or limiting usage of electronic devices. Comfortable, fully relaxing rest is supported by proper clothing. Anna’s products are designed for children and mothers.

“Mus Mus offers children’s pyjamas, rompers for newborns, underwear and bed linens. I wanted them to be soft-coloured, low-key and calming. In terms of the women’s collection, Mus Mus produces cotton nightdresses, relaxed dresses, pants, skirts, tops… I tried to design universally stylish garment pieces that will stay fashionable for a long time.” Anna Leszkiewicz, Mus Mus

Uniqueness is a common key selling point of modern fashion brands. It was mentioned before by German designer Hien Le and a dutch brand that produces baby carriers. With no surprise, Mus Mus also wants to deliver timeless and functional products.

Unlike regular brands that produce accessories and clothing for children, Anna chose to stay away from happy colours. The  flashy prints are surely not helpful when it comes to calming down and preparing to sleep. From that belief an idea emerged - to create a more quiet clothing design.

“I love simple designs. Children rooms are often super colourful and amusing. Our bed linen creates a counterpoint. It’s a sign that you enter a calming, relaxing zone - an ultimate rest place. Softened colours are giving a relief after a crazy and playful day.” Anna Leszkiewicz, Mus Mus

tailoring tools next to a carton box with shirt inside

Eco boxes and sustainability

The e-commerce world is becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable business practices. Even small, local brands are striving to reduce their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly packaging or optimizing production processes. 

Especially in the fashion industry.

Some brands share their profit with charity organizations (like other Packhelp clients - Malimo and Polu Eco Products), others encourage customers to buy high-quality clothing, that lasts longer than regular chain store products.

For Anna, eco-friendliness is a crucial issue.

“There is one thing that connects all Mus Mus products. It’s an ecological approach to designing and producing our clothing.”

But what does this mean exactly?

“All products available in our shop are made from natural and eco-friendly materials. Products for children and nightdresses are made from organic, GOTS certified cotton. That assures us, that farmers and fabric workers are being treated respectfully and ethically, and their wages are paid fairly. It also guarantees that no children are involved in cotton production.” Anna Leszkiewicz, Mus Mus

pieces of clothing in flat cardboard box

There is no doubt that Mus Mus is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. Their philosophy is fully green - starting from choosing the right materials, finishing with  eco packaging.

That’s why Anna decided to work with Packhelp. Her ultimate goal was to communicate an eco-friendly business approach also through packaging.

“Packaging is a very important part too. Each paper made element comes from recycled materials. Packaging is 100% biodegradable - Eco Mailer Boxes, Custom Tissue Paper or Custom Tape. I strongly believe that clothing production can and should become greener. It doesn’t have to affect our environment in a negative way.” Anna Leszkiewicz, Mus Mus

hands holding a white cardboard box with dark pattern

In design we trust

E-commerce packaging also requires a specific design. Boxes are the first touchpoint between the customer and the online brand. That being said, well-designed boxes are extremely important in creating a rewarding first impression. 

Mus Mus boxes are created for e-commerce purposes. Anna decided to pick whitened cardboard and put her black-striped graphic design on it’s surface.

“I wanted to make the whole design consistent. That’s why black stripes were also present on our tags and brochures. Writing on the boxes is a statement saying that each of our daily choices is important, because it affects our future environment.”

mus mus custom packaging design

Mus Mus and its green future

Although Anna’s brand is currently focused in a local market, Mus Mus is still growing and looking for its spot in the women’s clothing market. Plans for future development are still a secret. 

But one thing is already sure.

Mus Mus will always be an eco-friendly brand.

“I believe in Vivienne Westwood’s words - “Buy less, choose smarter”. That’s why I’m  taking care of the quality of the clothing rather than the quantity”. 


How Mus Mus benefitted from their packaging choice? 

  • Eco packaging has helped build a coherent, fully eco-friendly brand image.
  • Packaging design became an important first touchpoint with the brand’s customers.

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