Natural Treats: a box of goodness with tasty dog treats


Now, more than ever, pet owners demand quality products for their furry companions, from premium food to toys that keep the tails wagging. 

Meet Natural Treats, the e-commerce business that sells natural dog food and uses dog treats packaging aligned with an eco-friendly brand statement that goes above and beyond!

Kelly & James, the founders of Natural Treats, took a bet on custom packaging for dogs, and it turned out amazing.

With a minimalistic & sustainable approach to packaging design, they created reliable & sturdy packing to deliver the goodness inside safely. What's more, thanks to Packhelp's Online Editor, they designed everything at no extra cost

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deconstructed dog treats box

How it started

As with many new business models, it all started from a pain point.

James and Kelly couldn't find 100% natural snacks in the pet stores around them, so they decided to test other options from international suppliers.

After carefully selecting, they found the range of products that the Spanish market and their dog, Lola The Beagle, needed. 

Natural Treats are sold raw and free of additives, chemicals or other unhealthy ingredients found in some standard snacks, and they are prepared strictly following the EU quality standards.

Beagle posing with a stack of dog treats boxes
Lola The Beagle posing very happy with her box of Natural Treats

Design sustainable packaging for dog treats to bark for

The founders of the brand have opted for a product that, in addition to being pet friendly and healthy, is made using natural processes.

So it's no wonder they chose plastic-free packaging made from recycled cardboard. More so, this kind of packaging when stored correctly, will protect from mould and moisture and keep homemade dog treats safe. 

They know that increasingly eco-conscious customers value companies that opt for more environmentally friendly delivery options, such as reusable packaging or packaging from responsibly managed forests.

dog posing with natural treats boxes

Let custom packaging for dogs do the heavy lifting

Natural Treats relied on the packaging to help the brand awareness, which is one of the best practices out there when it comes to communicating your values & mission. They sat back, relaxed and let word of mouth do the rest.

They are not experts in advertising, but they firmly believe that if a brand offers quality products, it can earn customers' loyalty, who will, in turn, recommend it to other potential customers.

"The customer experience has been our goal since day one. They are taking care of them so well that they recommend us to their families and acquaintances." - James, NA.

two dog treats boxes made from recycled cardboard

It's all in the details

The service from Natural Treats begins with the delivery of the product and culminates with a first-rate customer and after-sales. James and Kelly want the dog treats packaging to be an integral part of the buying process and to generate emotion.

"The final product is for the puppy and his human friend to have a nice experience when receiving the package. All this can be achieved through personalised dog treats packaging." - Kelly, NA.

When the dog treats box is delivered, the first thing the customer sees is the Natural Treats logo and a sticker with their pet's name. This personal touch transforms the packaging from a simple box to a VIP-level customer experience.

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dog posing with natural treats boxes

Design recyclable packaging for dog treats at no extra cost

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