Treasure Hunt Product Boxes: En Cavale


Online businesses are based on all sorts of ideas. Some of them are pretty standard - like clothing lines or cosmetic goods. But some  - just like En Cavale - are truly one-of-a-kind. The French company sells treasure hunt games for kids, which are packed in gorgeous product boxes. 

Unconventional business ideas often stem from the experience that their founders have. Interestingly, En Cavale's founders - Astrid and Margaux - were marketing and sales managers respectively.

Their passion and common hobbies brought them together. Their shared interest in kids games, literature and cherishing childhood memories in general, all became the spark that lit the fire - En Cavale.

"Astrid always was amazing at drawing and designing. Last year, she decided to quit her job to conceive a one of a kind illustrated treasure hunt concept for kids aged 7 to 11. This real-life investigation, called Histoires En Cavale is still something we offer as a service!"

The game called La Boîte En Cavale was launched only last year, so just in time for Christmas. The real-life investigation game was aimed for kids aged 7-11. The concept was based on both traditional mail and elements online.

packaging of En Cavale

The vision of La Boîte En Cavale

The popularity of board and card games created a fantastic opportunity for Astrid and Margaux. Even though their product is essentially a for-kids-only type, the yellow boxes can attract the attention of adults too.

"En Cavale is a publishing house for kids... and for those who still feel like them. We believe that creativity & imagination are fundamental in children's life so they become healthy, responsible, and happy adults. They will shape the tomorrow's world. Our mission is to use games of all sorts to free imagination and grow intellectual curiosity."

La Boîte En Cavale's based on the concepts of a playful brand - the one that brings back childhood memories or is ready to be a part of them now.

"Our brand is playful, fun and yet mysterious - leaves you with a smile on your face and a wandering mind. Most of the content we produce is for children but should make grown-ups dreamy as well... Wake up the kid' soul that we all have."


packaging of En Cavale

The role of packaging of En Cavale

The French project is heavily dependent on the design of its board game packaging. In the end, even the name of the company means literally "the box En Cavale".

The leading colour in the pattern is yellow - a lively, energetic choice that perfectly fits kids. The logo of the company is stamped on a surface of each box of En Cavale, reminding of a symbol of an investigation bureau. The packaging of En Cavale is supposed to bring up the "secret package" idea, only for the kids participating in the game.

"The yellow and blue box is not just here to pack something more important - it is part of the game, something the kids will keep as part of their quest. Moreover, it is the first thing the children see to discover and understand their mission."


The magic of creative thinking

As Margaux explained, the company derives its unique power from the universe-building approach. All of the fun depends on the imagination of kids, allowing them to think on their own.

The packaging of En Cavale is - again - a crucial part of that. The box is like an invitation to the imaginary world that the company strives to create.

"Astrid has created a whole universe for our brand - around bright colours and patterns, the "investigation universe" also. We both love to spend time in children bookstores, kids cafés etc. to get the most of what is exciting to their eyes & touch. But Astrid gets a lot of inspiration from her own creative world, illustrations and designs she's been doing for years now."